Tired Of The Same Crowded Beaches?

Here’s a deserted beach with calm waves and even some palm trees!

Cabo appears to have a plethora of fine beaches, just look at the travel and resort photographs for proof of that. Of course you can’t tell from the pretty pictures that most of our beaches are unswimable.

One of the better beaches is a short drive from Cabo San Lucas up on the Pacific Ocean and a little off the beaten path. OK there is a beaten path, but not so much of one. Drive up the Pacific side on the modern fourlane highway. The side road to the beach is readily spotted at Kilometer 58. Heads up for the markers. There is also a tall radio antenna sticking up into the sky and some buildings right there. The sign for the buildings mark it as “Campo Experimental” and now a defunct research facility for native plants. You must approach km 58 from the south, so you figure that out if you’re coming from La Paz.

Now where the beach access adventure starts. Small rental cars often drive this road so it’s a piece o cake. Although there are some precarious areas, well worn tire tracks verify that it is doable.

At the end of about 1 ½ mile you come to a dead end in a small clearing. You might get greeted by two dogs, a black and a brown, who are very friendly. They are well cared for by some property caretakers.

You now proceed to the beach on the beaten path, which is level and wide and under the canopy of tall palms. Often you will run into a few friendly horses, or they might already be at the beach, but for sure there is a sign stating you are here: Playa San Pedrito de las Palmas.

The Beach opens at the path and you are greeted by a wide somewhat crescent beach enclosed by large rock formations making exiting north and south almost impossible but therein lies the privacy and seclusion.

The water is swimmable and very pleasant with some little reasonable waves. In the middle of the beach it is very safe but at either north or south sides the current is strong and there it is not recommendable for swimming at all.

After enjoying the spectacular ocean view, and the two headlands, you now turn around and look at nothing but tall palm trees and a small fresh water lagoon, and maybe some more meandering horses. What you now don’t see is peddlers, trash cans, palapas, restaurants or snack shacks, nor equipment rentals. Nothing except a pristine and primitive semi-private beach. (Semi means keep your clothes on).

The beach is flat with firmly packed sand, keeping your knees and hips aligned. There are very few rocks, but occasionally there are the large sand seen as the tide receeds.

A small pack or bag with refreshments and maybe a blanket or towel is all you need.

And there you have it: A day on a secluded beach with easy packed sand and easy roller waves, complete with swaying palm trees. Like the Todos Santos nursery’s slogan goes, “there is no paradise without palm trees.”