They’re Picking On Drunks

The police have been on a tear for picking up drunk drivers this holiday season, so far arresting 92. The program runs through New Years day, so they are expecting more.

They have breathalyzers, who knows how accurately they are set, but their standards are way higher than our .08 that most states set so you have to be pretty drunk to get picked up

The penalty is a US$15 fine, and a night in jail. Don’t sneer at what at first read you think is light punishment, the jailers are not the best housekeepers, and the place is very, very grim. More grim than you can even imagine. You will not want to lie down, in fact you will probably stand all night.

They push you out in the morning, (do not be expecting breakfast, they don’t even have running water), and usually your car is right there in front. Usually.

Bottom line: Don’t drive drunk, pull a designated driver into your group.