Start The New Year Right - Save A life!

Maya. Please please please, somebody adopt me and get me out of this ugly sweater. Then I will smile and you will see how good looking I am. I have the yellow eyes and silky grey coat of a Weimaraner but the sturdy, compact body and calm nature of, um, maybe a Basset Hound? How would I know? That’s for you to figure out. All I can tell you is everyone who is around me calls me a good girl. Why not start the New Year with a gift for us both and call me yours?!


Santiago. Please rescue me. Every holiday it’s a different stupid outfit I get dressed up in. You can see what I had to put up with for Christmas; it’s even worse for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m the cat who writes the “What’s Going On In This Country” column every issue, and at 10 cents a word it’s a pretty good gig. But this holiday costume party of one is not to my liking. If you would like to take in a working cat who can pay his own way, I would be ever so grateful.  All I need is a little pan of sand and a little desk space. Please rescue me before Valentine’s Day, that’s the worst holiday get-up she sticks me in.