SOUTH: May 16, 2016

The Run Down On Traffic Fines

There are 135 “opportunities” for you to get a ticket from the municipal police in Los Cabos.  So you thought you escaped all that nonsense when you left the States and came down to lawless Mexico home of no worries?

Where Did Our Lagoon Go?

An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea. It comes from the Latin word aestuarium, meaning “a tidal marsh or opening.”

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Fishing tourney coming. The 2016 Cabo Summer Slam presented by PELAGIC will take place June 3 to 5 this year in Cabo. It’s a thrill a minute tournament where participants can win cash, awards and prizes by catching marlin, tuna, wahoo, and dorado.

What’s Going On In This Country?

Holy cow!

Bad news and worse news! My mom posted my handsome self in the want ads for cat adoptions from the  Humane Society last issue.