SOUTH: March 21, 2016

So What’s The Deal On The Funny Money?

Seems to us like Mexicans get overly persnikety about peso bills that are even a tad bit goofed up. What’s the deal with that? I mean, Gringos can pass off a hundred dollar bill that’s been totally torn through as long as it’s been attended to by a good Scotch tape job.

Who’s That Bagging Your Stuff At WallMart?

One would never imagine, but there are many interesting and skilled people who sack your groceries at Walmart.  People with education and that had careers before this one.  Here are just two personal stories.

From The Publisher

Wow. I’ve been accused of being a racist by one of our precious readers who sent a nice letter to us.  Go find it and come back or you don’t get to read this. And don’t think I won’t know, I have my ways. If you cheat, if you keep reading this without first finding and reading the letter to the editor, this paper is going to turn into fish wrap right in your soon to be stinky fishy hands.

What’s Going On In This Country?

Could be hope for us. The expansion of Uber, the phone based ride-hailing service, is spreading in Mexico, but so is strong opposition from traditional taxi drivers who see a threat to their livelihoods.