Sightseeing For The Athletic

Take a running tour through Los Cabos

Many avid Gringo Gazette readers are runners, right? All nice and healthy, adventurous and life-loving folks. So why not take it to the next level? Instead of running around aimlessly and missing all the wonderful attractions Los Cabos has to offer, check out what the guys at Running Tours Los Cabos have come up with.

Inspired by running tours around the world, a group of running buddies decided to take the Cabo experience to a whole new level, with a running tour through the key parts of Los Cabos, which includes breath-taking views, the best restaurants in town, the bars and our world-class marina. Visitors can experience Cabo like locals do while they get their workout in. And locals can spice up their running route for a change.

Running Tours Los Cabos is an opportunity to share the love for our town, while sharing a passion for running. It’s also an opportunity to give runners a chance to continue their daily running routine and to discover new trails or the city for the first time by doing something they love while on vacation.

There are several different tours the company offers. The first is Sweat and Sightsee, which is designed for all runners but is specially focused on visiting, recreational and social runners. This run is good if you are the type of runner who is looking to sweat and sightsee at the same time. These tours are casual, conversation-paced routes with a few stops along the way for water and pictures.

Next is the Custom Running Tour, which is also for all kinds of runners. People can organize their own run, whether it’s for a group or if they want to have a private run and just need a local partner/guide that can take them on a run.

Lastly, there is the Extreme Running Tour. If you can’t tell by the name, this tour is for experienced runners who are looking for a challenge. They can run a 10k and get to know all of downtown Cabo, including the banks, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and local favorites. Or, they can choose between two hillside trails that come with some great photo opps of the scenic views.

Now, if you’re more of a walker, there’s also a power walking tour, with all the goodies and sightseeing, just a little easier.

For more information or to book your running tour, visit email Patty at