Rosy Torres Named Person Of The Year


Frontera, local Mexican newspaper has named Rosy Torres, President of the Rosarito Boys and Girls Club, their Person of 2016. Rosy’s indefatigable work with the Club de Niños y Niñas, stresses her belief that if we give children a place to study, learn life’s skills, and play, they will become the respected citizens of our future. Rosy wants to offer children some of the same experiences she had while growing up in Rosarito.

Rosy is the daughter of local legend Don Hugo Torres, owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and a huge supporter of Rosarito. Rosy has decided to dedicate a big part of her life to making sure Rosarito’s children have a better chance in life.

The Club, serving 125 children before and after school daily, recently moved to the hills above Rosarito, off Sharp Boulevard in the Colonia Lucio Blanco region, where in time, it is hoped that 600 youths per school day will be able to experience the Club. The Club helps children remain motivated on their school work by giving them a safe location to complete daily homework assignments under the care of the Club’s faculty mentors.

Rosy hopes all of her charges will remain in school through the university level, and stresses the need for more donations to the Club scholarship fund. At this time, it costs about $600 (US) per year for a child to attend the Club de Ninos y Ninas. “It is important that we pay attention to our children’s talents,” declares Rosy. Donations allow the children to experiment with different interests and experiences and excel to their full potential.

Full-time water and electricity are not available so donations are required to bring these basic utilities to fruition. There is a fundraising drive currently to donate money for the power poles needed to reach the Club from the main power source on the boulevard. Monetary one-time or recurring donations may be given through PayPal at the Club’s website.

The Club’s annual major fundraiser, the Mariachi Festival, brings famed Mariachi superstars to Rosarito every October, with musicians and locals volunteering their time to the children of Rosarito.

Before Rosy became a champion for Rosarito’s children, she was a champion in the sport of racquetball for 17 years, including representing Mexico in the 2003 Pan-American Games.

Over $600,000 (US) has been invested in the Club already, but another $700,000 is needed to complete the construction and provide furnishings for the site. Continuing costs for classes like arts and crafts, computer skills, music, sports, and music and dance are also in need of funding. If you haven’t visited the Club yet, do! It’s quite an experience. Rosy is thrilled to give tours to all who venture out to the Club.

For more information, and to help them out, please go to, phone: 661-850-1773, or contact Rosy Torres directly by emailing her at