Rosarito Welcomes New Mayor

She gets to work the day after her swearing in hoopla

On November 30, at the Baja California Center, Rosarito’s Mirna Rincon took the oath to become the seventh mayor of the city of Rosarito.

 The ceremony started a bit late due to the numerous photos posed for by the outgoing and incoming dignitaries. Over 1300 local community clergy, business, education, restaurant and press representatives were invited to the official ceremony, which lasted a scant 40 minutes once it got off the launching pad.

Mayor Rincon gave a shout out to the outgoing council and representatives, and swore in the new City Council, which includes the members Belem del Carmen Abarca, Miguel Calles, Nancy Ramirez, Luis Martinez, Ana Esquivel, Manuel Salazar, Julio Garcia, Ana Claudia Araujo, Mario Hernandez, and Elias Mendoza.

The Mayor declared she was honored to be the first female mayor of Rosarito, and the State of Baja, and broadcast the message that this is only the beginning; there is no reason government can’t be guided by women in conjunction with men.

She thanked Baja California Governor Francisco Vega for his support, and Mayor Silvano Abarca for his harmonious transitional support. “I take [this position] with great pride and great humility, to make this the Rosarito we all deserve,” she said.

The final draft of the city’s development plan for Rosarito 2016 – 2019 may be found online at, and will be implemented immediately. She said one of her goals is to strengthen the family fabric, which in turn strengthens the social fabric that “unites us as a community.” Economic development and increasing employment numbers are also of prime importance to the new administration. And she quickly got to work: The first meeting of the new City Council was called to order at 10:00 the following morning.

Her immediate concern is the safety and security of the residents and visitors to Rosarito. Mayor Rincon Vargas vowed to respond to the needs of the community, promising that she would do her part, but directing the residents to be her eyes and ears in the community, as well as active participants in the communal welfare.

Municipal police will be operating alongside state, federal and military forces, she vowed.

Any suggestions, proposals or observations may be emailed to her at You want something done? Need to report something not quite kosher? Use this email address. “There will be no tolerance of corruption and misuse of public resources,” Mayor Vargas promised. “Let’s keep our municipal house clean!”

Other planned commitments are the mayor’s efforts to expand the film industry and create a state of the art international production center. Mayor Vargas wants to provide for a safe and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit by inviting small, medium, and large companies to Rosarito, (much to Donald Trump’s chagrin).

The Mayor concluded her acceptance by declaring, “Get to work! Thank you! Good afternoon!”.   ,