Restaurant Scene

Bajo la Luna in downtown Cabo

We have more new restaurants, and why not? We’ve got more people in town in the summer than we can remember seeing in a long time. Many are Mexican tourists over from the mainland, who either flew or took the 17 hour ferry that lands in La Paz. That’s OK. We are glad to share our beach blanket space. And we share our restaurants, because the more diverse the population, the more diverse our choices in restaurants.

A new restaurant, well it’s new to us, is Bajo la Luna. Beneath the moon for the Spanish impaired. We could tell you it used to be…well, a lot of things. but we would have to go on for several pages, as that cursed spot used to be a lot of restaurants. Suffice it to say it’s on Vincente Guererro St, across from Cabo Wabo in downtown San Lucas.

It looks small from the outside but it’s huge, with about a 20 seat bar along the right wall. an indoor air conditioned space, and an outside garden in the back that’s cozy, tranquil and very pretty. It’s so nice, you might want to brave the heat to eat there, and forego the inside A/C space. Well, maybe not, maybe let the garden go until fall.

Bajo la Luna is owned by a family of pioneers in the Cabo restaurant scene, Katie and Lenny Gottfried who owned the old Trailer Park. They made a killing back in the days when they were almost the only restaurant in town. And it really was in a trailer park, up in the barrio. You needed a taxi to find it and every taxi in town knew the way.

Katie and Lenny had three kids who grew up here, and one of them married a Gringa named Sissy who went into the business of her inlaws with La Golindrina and now this restaurant.

The first thing you notice is the prices for the breakfast and lunch are like, how do they stay in business? Then, you look at the dinner prices and you see they are higher, but still fair. All the food is very, very good, but the price difference between the meals is considerable.

You can’t beat a five dollar breakfast of eggs, potatoes, beans, toast or tortillas, fruit and coffee. Add a breakfast meat for two bucks more.  Omelets with everything else alongside it are $7. Eggs Florentine is $9 and let’s not forget this is the place for lox and bagels.

Moving on to lunch, we can’t get past the $9 hamburger that’s bigger than we can eat, served with onion rings that aren’t over breaded and skinny house made potato chips that you can hold up to the light and see through. And a dessert!

We tried the 9 inch pizza and drink for $6. Actually, that turned into $11 but that’s cause we’re big drinkers. There are lots of sandwiches, Mexican dishes and ribs to choose from, also. All of it very good and with very generous portions. Their $6 flan is to die for.

The dinner menu is enormous and it ranges from seafood dinner starting at $23, to Mexican dinners, to pasta dinners at $15, to lamb chops ($35), and rib eye steak, ($39). We especially like the seafood linguine, with lots of seafood in it, for $24.

They have a tapas bar with goodies ranging from $3 to $15. OK, so the $3 is potato chips, but they were those great skinny chips with Wasabi sauce.

Of course there is a full bar on offer.

So try it, they do a good job, with attentive and smiley if not snappy run-to-the-kitchen-and-back service. Maybe we’ve been in Mexico too long, if we’re content with just smiley and friendly.

So, they’re open pretty normal hours, except caution, they’re closed Mondays. Oh, and parking is soo available. Either pull up in front and they park it for you or pull into the huge dirt lot across the street. Run over and take a slip of paper from the man before he gets up because he can barely stand, and get it stamped at Bajo la Luna. When you return to your car, run it back to his “office” in the corner before he struggles to his feet, but if you don’t make it in time, he gimps out into the street and stops traffic for you as you back out.  A nice tip for the old gentleman would be nice, after all, you just ate a very good and very large meal for a tiny price so you can afford a good tip.