Restaurant Reinvents Itself

Now you get a traditionl show with a great traditional meal

Maria Corona restaurant, owned by the family that owns the Baja Cantina and Tiki Bar on the marina, both on the marina from, has relaunched itself in downtown Cabo. It has now morphed into a dinner show, entertaining us as we eat.

I must say that in the nearly 50 years of watching Mexican shows, this one surpasses them all. It’s not your typical Mexican hat dance, although it could seem so. This one creates an atmosphere even before starting, with Mexican characters roaming around the open-air restaurant tables and mingling with patrons.

There is a bird trainer at the entrance, who welcomes you with a couple of male and female canary birds trained to pull out sort of a fortune cookie, but without the cookie. You will get a piece of paper, a "fortune", on which is an aphorism, or a prophecy. The canary gets a sesame seed as a reward, and is happy to go back to its tiny cage.

Maria Corona’s name comes from the Baja Cantina group’s grandma, who turned 100 this year and is still giving her grandkids advice on how to cook true Mexican food.

Their cuisine has evolved and was recently featured in the “100 Imperdibles, or “not to miss” restaurants, an award extended by Discovery Quest. The show is two hours of authentic Mexican dances, different from those you regularly experience at a Mexican Fiesta.

The show’s director is Sylvia Lozano, born in the central state of Puebla, and has been distinguished by the Mexican government as a leading promoter of Mexican folklore. Her shows have been allowed to use the word “National” in all of their presentations.

The event, which will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 6:00 pm., begins with a welcome drink, a six course dinner of outstanding authentic Mexican food, and continues with the show, which begins an hour later. So you better get there on time, or you will miss some of the dinner items.

The food starts with a small fish ceviche, continues with traditional tortilla soup, ossobuco in a chili sauce accompanied with refried beans wrapped in a corn leaf, chicken in mole – the best I’ve ever had in my life – and a platter with 4 four different desserts.

Throughout dinner, you are served non-stop margaritas either the regular or strawberry mags, beer, wine or home made fresh fruit drinks.

The show has no less than 35 artists on stage, 126 different costumes, 28 musical instruments, big pheasant feathers, gold and silver shiny doo dads, dozens of traditional hats from all over Mexico, and ends with a pretty good mariachi band. And that’s not that noisy, even if you get seated stage side.

The cost of the dinner show is $127.00 and includes all you can drink, but not tips. Well, I drank about $100 bucks worth of booze, so my dinner and show was only $27.00. I bet you can do that too! For reservations, look up: