Report From Our Mayor

On his first 11 months in office. He’s so proud he can’t wait for his 1 year anniversary

In his first 11 months in office, Mayor Arturo De la Rosa’s government has invested more than $7.3 million in public works. Have you not noticed the vanishing number of pot holes? Well, your neighborhood, Gringo, gets a little less attention than the neighborhoods of those who vote.

This is all part of his Municipal Development Plan 2015-2018.  There have been 67 paving, sports infrastructure, public and recreational spaces attended to.

The Director General of Public Works and Human Settlements, Alejandro Camarena, explained that these actions are based on the Mayor’s three major pillars: development, sustainability and goodwill.

The first item he explained, is the paving and maintenance of streets; where 18 major works were carried out, also construction of sidewalk, lighting and storm drainage. Those works were paid for by a combination of 60% federal funds and 40% local money.

They also cleaned up public spaces, through a program of continuous improvement and maintenance of parks, plazas, medians and green areas under the responsibility of the municipality. That also included badly needed work on the Santiago zoo.

Five sporting venues were spruced up, no doubt soccer fields.

Lastly, the Mayor would like to point out that all this work was done with an eye toward quality and using public resources transparently. Surprisingly, he didn’t mention that when he took over office the kitty was empty, as the former mayor had looted the treasury. So we will point that out for him. We just did.