Que Pasa in Cabo?

January 23, 2017

Plaza El Ghosto coming back to life. The building on Cabo’s main drag that has been abandoned for more than 20 years, will come back to life this year, promises Hector Montaño, manager of API, the agency that manages the Cabo Marina. Well, at least they will begin working at getting it prettied up and operational as a hotel / timeshare resort.

It gets better. Grupo Questro, who acquired the abandoned building last year, has also bought the adjacent lot on the waterside. Yup, the one that the downtown Casino has been using as their private parking lot. That area will house the new hotel’s entertainment areas, such as pool, restaurant, bar, and more. Grupo Questro is our largest developer and one of the most responsible developers we have. They built, among a huge list of other venues, the entire Puerto Los Cabos marina, golf course, hotels, and residences.

More Cabo marina news. The new building going up now next to this rag’s worldwide local corporate headquarters, on the Cabo marina next to the cultural pavilion, will house several city and state offices. Included – and the main reason for the building – are an attention to tourists’ office, an office to service cruise ship passengers who wash up on our shores. Also, the large three story building will have an office for a deputy attorney general deputy to take complaints from foreigners.

At last the government will relocate the ugly activities booths that are right in front of it. Those rag tag tourist snaggers are not attractive and most are not helpful. They operate out of delipidated shacks

The Cavalry Is Coming! Actually, they are called gendarmes. They are young, educated federal police who are not yet corrupted. We are expecting 190 of them and they will be patrolling all of Southern Baja. They have been sent to us by our federal government to try and bridge the gap created when about 100 city police and 24 federal police were fired for failing the "confidence" test. That's a lie detector test and usually means they were stealing or in cahoots with the druggies.

These gendarmes will be fighting organized crime that's been trying to creep into Baja lately. The feds won't let that happen, because Cabo and tourism are too important to the country. (Tourism accounts for 8% of total GDP)

The word gendarme comes from the Old French gens d'armes, meaning men-at-arms. The Mexican pronunciation is Gendarmeria and there are also girl gendarmes. The average age is 28 and many of them speak English. They are truly an elite force, we had some deployed here after hurricane Odile and we liked them.

So let's all give them a tip of the sombrero when we see them and tell them how glad we that they are here!

In the meantime. The city police academy is looking for young people who wish to enlist in the police corps to serve and to protect. Hee, hee.

The city’s public security agency has launched a help wanted notice to those interested, following the dismissal of more than 40 police officers who either failed the confidence exams or were too old or fat to chase criminals on foot. Woooo boy, the fat test alone would eliminate a huge portion. It seems like you can’t be a cop or a taxi driver unless you have a big belly.

The requirements to become a police academy student cadet are: to be of legal age (18), having completed at least 12th grade (preparatory school in Mexico), having finished military service (for men only), and a proof of non-pregnancy (for women only). Oh, and please bring your birth certificate, proof of address, a certificate of non-criminal record and CURP. The latter is sort of like the social security number in the U.S. that every Mexican must have.

No, foreigners are not welcome. The city wants to increase the current number of the current 300 police to 700 total in the entire municipality, which includes Cabo, San Jose, Migriño, and Miraflores, Santiago, and La Ribera up on the East Cape. It’s a huge municipality, you guys would call it a county in the States. In Canada? Beats me. OK, I looked it up. According to Google: Canada divided into ten provinces and three territories. Each of these entities may have types of subdivision, used for various purposes. Kinda vague.

Price war. The association of public transportation owners is asking the city for approval of a price increase, following the 20% hike in the cost of gasoline and diesel. But the city is trying to stall them, on the basis that they haven’t improved their service, nor the conditions of their vehicles, both large and small buses.

The cost of a ride is 12.50 pesos (about 60 US cents), minus 50% for students and the elderly.

Pascual Alvarez, leader of the bus owners, has threatened that they will not be able to continue discounting the price to students and the elderly if the price increase is not approved.

On the opposite side, Cabo residents are demanding the city not to approve the increase unless the busses are spiffed up. If you have not seen the busses lined up on Moreles St, the up street, in the evenings or Leona Vicario St, the down street in the mornings, you can’t appreciate how many people depend on the bus. It might seem to you that everyone and his dog has a car, but they don’t. Not by a long shot. Also, taxi drivers don’t like to pick up Mexicans because they don’t tip. Most just refuse.

Extreme Sailing Series does Cabo. This year the world’s leading stadium racing series will return to the Americas for the first time in six years.

The series begins in Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula, continuing through China, Portugal, Europe, the U.K. and San Diego, with the finish of the series in Cabo. Here in Cabo the race goes from November 30 to December 3.

 After transitioning to foiling catamarans last year, the catamarans have become super fast and exciting as they get up on one pontoon and skim the sea.  For more info go to


We are loved. By lots of people. Following the death of Star Wars’ Princess Lea – Carrie Fisher – and her mother Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd, daughter and granddaughter of the late stars, headed to Cabo for mourning. Lourd was accompanied by rumored boyfriend Taylor Lautner. Hey, if you’re going to mourn why not do it in the sun and the sand?

Also in town were Leonardo di Caprio with model girlfriend Nina Agdal and singer Ashlee Simpson with husband Evan Ross - son of Diana Ross.

In related news, or not. CNN has just released its list of best new restaurants for 2017, and Cabo somehow made it on the list. And the restaurant that made this suspect list is a very new restaurant, which opened just last month. We just have to wonder how it got on the list so fast.

CNN says: “From the Caribbean to New Zealand, global gourmets will be digging out their airline schedules to get to these must-try tables. Whether manned by established chefs with household names or the up-and-comers hoping to rival them, one thing the fervent foodie can count on is that the world's newest restaurants are serving up surprises.”

Alright, we’ll get to the point. The Cabo restaurant listed as bestie is named “Cocina de Autor,” or author’s cuisine. The restaurant is led by two-Michelin-star Dutch chef Sidney Schutte. This Dutchie is toiling away in the just-opened $150 million resort Grand Velas which is on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose.

That’s my kind of place to eat, take pics of my food, and post them on Facebook and Instagram, which, by the way, makes my Facebook hating publisher go crazy. And she will say again, all these “best this and that” lists are bought and paid for and in this instance it does look like that. Doesn’t mean it’s not good, just means it’s doubtful any CNN staff were eating their way around Cabo and have any claim to know which restaurant is best, worst, or in between. Yup. Bought and paid for, CNN, you’re busted.

Whale fest This February 3 to 5, the port of Adolfo Lopez Mateos will hold its 24th International Whale Festival, celebrating the arrival of migrating whales from Alaska.

Lopez, as the locals call it, is a small fishing community (population 2,000 a best) located some two and a half hours north of La Paz, on the Pacific side.

There are three main locations when we talk about the winter calving lagoons, the popular lagoons for mamas to have their babies.  The California grey whales that are on the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula like Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, Laguna San Ignacio, and Magdalena Bay. The latter, Magdalena, isn’t really a single location, but a 300 km long complex of lagoons. (You didn’t know there were all these cool lagoons, Bunkie? Well, get off that beach blanket, rent a car, and drive!)

The festival includes three days and nights of partying with live music, the crowning of the festival’s queen, and lots of cold beer and seafood specialties. It is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals and pet a whale.

Cabo Music Fest This March 12 and 13, during Spring Break season, 14 of the world’s best DJ’s will perform at the 1st Cabo Music Fest in San Jose, at the Sculpture Garden of Puerto Los Cabos (think San Jose marina. The sculpture garden is a grassy area next to the marina. There are a bunch of stone statues deployed at odd intervals, one grass, we think to keep locals from playing soccer there.)

The event will try to compete in the future with famous DJ’s festivals that are held in Ibiza, Spain, and Belgium.

Among the featured DJ’s are DJ R3hab from the Netherlands, Galantis from Sweden (and this writer’s fav), plus DJ Deorro, from L.A., who will rotate playing for 12 uninterrupted hours each day.

Additional activities like flyboard, body paint, electro-yoga, meditation and more will also be available. This is clearly an attempt to get in on some of the Cabo action that’s so popular with the spring break kids.

For more information keep in touch with www.cabomusicfest.com as at press time it was not completed yet.