Que Pasa in Cabo?

January 9, 2017

More Gasoline News The President of the Republic has announced a 20% increase in premium gas and 16% increase in the price of diesel for the month of January. He was quick to point out the raise is a reflection of international prices of gas, which are generally on the rise, and wants us all to know and appreciate that the rise is not to be blamed on any government action. 

May we point out that Mexico has some of the biggest oil reserves in the world and should not have to go begging on the international market if they would just get their oil industry functioning? 

Oh, and EPN also would like us to not hoard as the price goes up, and warned individual gas stations not to let people fill containers for later use.  

Baja road alert! The ag town of Ciudad Constitucion, (Constitution Ctiy), which you have to go through on the way down from the border, has for a police force, a nest of crooks. They will stop you as you go through town no matter what you do so you might as well take out a load of choir singers. But if they do pick on you, just say no. Toss them that photo copy of your drivers license and tell them if they want to pursue this, tough shit, you don’t have to show them no stinkin’ license. Unfortunately, you do. Tell them to give you a ticket. It worked for us. After saying that about two dozen times they let us go “with a warning” to save face. 

The city government would like you to take a photo/video of the cop stopping you and if they go over the line, (they’re already over the line, they stopped you, didn’t they?) to make a complaint to the city government office. Yeah, like you’re going to do that. Why don’t they do their job instead of asking you to do it for them? They need to stop this. They know who the thieves are, they are the people who are paying them part of the money they’re stealing.  

Body cameras for cops. Soon, as in Mañana, more than 40 grand saved in federal funds will be used to improve city police, said a Los Cabos government official last week. 

The money will be used to buy, among other equipment, 112 cameras used to send cops to show up at an incident’s site before anyone else. Meaning that would be before everyone else has taken photos and videos and spread them around via social media.  

The city government is working on obtaining federal funds to equip both cops and their pick-up trucks with cameras, too.  

Plaza El Ghosto rises from the dead. Maybe. Hector Montaño, head of API, the management company that runs the Cabo marina, is saying the Plaza El Ghosto, that abandoned concrete structure on the Cabo marina that’s been languishing for more than 20 years, will be brought back to life some time this year. 

Montano told this paper, “The executives in charge of the project told me they will begin work on the abandoned hotel sometime in 2017.” 

Those mystery executives are part of the Grupo Questro business conglomerate that developed the ME by Melia, Melia Cabo Real, Casa Dorada, Casa del Mar, Dreams, Cabo Real golf course, Club Campestre and the Puerto Los Cabos and San Jose marina. It is well known that Eduardo Sanchez Navarro, CEO of the company, has coveted that property for years. 

API, said Montaño, will rehab the streets around the Plaza El Ghosto, even on the marina water side, with new sidewalks, streets lights, and they will clean up the entire derelict area. 

The building was abandoned by the developers who got hit by the 1992 devaluation of the peso. The CROC worker’s union and social security (IMSS) institution then put a lien on it and the union and the bank who held the loan on it fought over it for years. Recently the supreme court ruled in favor of the union, so that is who is being courted now by many suiters. 

Help Wanted. Some 10,000 new jobs will be available in Los Cabos within the next 10 years, following the opening of nearly 2,000 hotel rooms in new resorts, said Esteban Vargas, the local head of the CROC worker’s union. 

Both the hotels, the union, and the labor ministry are currently interviewing applicants, providing training on how to bring the food to the table before it calsifies, English lessons, and the like. Don’t forget to explain how it’s not cool to call a foreign woman mama! Drives our boss right up the walls. Even we don’t get to call her mama around the office. Nor mamacita. Nor even wedda. She is very touchy, only her name or senorita will do.  

More cops fired. 100 or so last week, more this week. About 35 more cops have been fired from their jobs across our Southern Baja state, for not passing the trust and confidence exams or other reasons. 

Some have been found guilty of links with organized crime, some guilty of using some type of drug, and some had reports against them of abuse of power or extortion. 

Several were unfit to be cops because they are too fat to chase criminals on foot, and some others are too old to work. Yes, firing for age is legal in Mexico. 

Firing a cop – or any employee – in Mexico is expensive, as they are entitled to three months of salary and benefits when they are dismissed. Fortunately, the federal government created a program to fund these firings, and that’s why we’re finally getting rid of these bad apples.  

Theater gets facelift Two years and four months after hurricane Odile severely damaged the San Jose City theater, the city government has obtained the funds to repair it. 

Work will begin sometime this month (January), while the city’s institute of arts and culture will be relocated to the cultural pavilion in the Cabo San Lucas marina. 

We’re lousy with cruise ships! Cabo has enjoyed the arrival of many cruise ships this season already. In January we will entertain people from two ships on many days, and four ships twice. We will enjoy a total of 30 cruise ships mooring in Cabo Bay this month. 

 That’s a lot of dollars that will be spent in T-shirts, trinkets, beer and margaritas along the Cabo marina. They also go out into the community on buses as far as Todos Santos and San Jose. 

According to API, the Cabo marina management, this number represents a 30% increase in cruise ship arrivals in January, compared to January of 2016. We are loved.  

Free food and booze! Well, samples, at least. And if you eat enough little samples you can be pretty full. We, know, because we do it all the time.  

Every Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 10 pm, the Plaza del Pescador in San Jose will hold an Art Fair, with local artists showcasing their work. 

The Plaza del Pescador strip mall is located across the street from the Cabo Azul resort in the San Jose hotel zone. It has underground parking, half a dozen good restaurants, a cafeteria and stores. It makes a nice evening.  

Condos! Condos! Mexico’s housing agency, known as Infonavit, is changing its rules: from being a small, cheap single family home developer, to building condos. This switch is because there is not enough land in Los Cabos to keep on building single family free standing homes. Although, if you saw those homes in the barrio standing choc a bloc, you would not say they take up very much room.  

They will cost some 20 grand for a 400 sq. feet, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with a tiny backyard. Even more tinier still. Infonavit makes it possible for employees to buy a home using their credits they build up each payday through their payroll deduction plan. 

Peek a boo. Look into the studios of artists. The 8th Annual Todos Santos Open Studio tour will be held on the weekend of February 11 & 12, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. As usual all proceeds benefit the children's art programs at the Palapa Society of Todos Santos.  

The Todos Santos Open Studio Tour draws hundreds of people curious to see working art studios, meet the artists, and have a personal dialogue with them. If you live in Todos Santos and would like to participate pop off an email to ts.studiotour@gmail.com 

Lord of the Wind. The seventh annual Lord of the Wind Kiteboarding Contest will take place from January 17 to 22, 2017 in Los Barriles. This five-day event will showcase some of the best kite boards in the world, and proceeds will go to the Rotary Club’s ongoing projects.  For more information go to http://lordofthewindbaja.com/