Que Pasa In Cabo?

December 12, 2016 Edition

Electricity increases. As of this month, the cost of electricity has increased between 1.8 and 3.6 percent, announced the bandits at CFE, Mexico’s power company.

The hike will affect mostly industries and homes with higher consumption, while most families won’t see the increase.

A comparison against the price of electricity in December 2015 shows an increase in businesses of up to 52.5 percent while high consumption homes are paying 23.8 percent more. The fuckers. Let’s all mail in a ski mask with our bills. Oh! Forgot! There’s no mail service here.

More stoplights. Finally, three months after hurricane Newton blew out most of  Los Cabos’ stoplights, the city government is investing $1.25 million in replacing them.

These new traffic lights can be monitored from police headquarters, so professional traffic managers will have the ability to change the timing to accommodate traffic patterns. If only we had professional traffic managers, that is. Let’s face it, our cops are just going to screw around with them. Flipping them on and off, on and off. Red, green, red, green.

In related news. Most of the lights along the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose are finally up and working. Operative word here being “most”.

New cameras on cop cars Well, cop pick-up trucks, which is what we use down here. Alvaro de la Peña, secretary general of the state government, announced that very soon, cameras will be installed on police vehicles to fight corruption. “Very soon” were his words. That could mean anything. This was a decision made in a meeting with Mexico’s secretary of the interior.

 In addition, a group of federal cops known as gendarmeria will be deployed in our state this same month. Those are the young guys and dolls who came to our rescue to stop the looting that took place following hurricane Odile two years ago. They are smiley, honest, and a pleasure to have around.

Other actions to improve public safety are the banning of dark window tinting in all vehicles, make sure every car has a current license plate, and more screening at airports and the ferry port of Pichilingue in La Paz.

So far, through enhanced vigilance, more than 30 people have been nabbed at Los Cabos airport and Pichilingue, people who had arrest warrants in other states of Mexico.

A federal checkpoint will also be deployed at Guerrero Negro, which is the border between the North and South Baja states, and at least 150 surveillance cameras will be deployed throughout our state.

This is all in an effort to stem the recent uptick in drug stuff.

 People! You are in a foreign country! Don’t buy drugs on the street. It’s not safe.

 So you wisely left your stash at home because you didn’t want to get caught at the airport with it. Stretch  that wiseness a little further and wait until you go back home to indulge your silliness. And remember what your mom always told you: Nothing good ever happens after 2 am. Be off the streets.

In related news. No less than 40 state and city cops have been fired for flunking trust exams or drug tests. Don’t let the remaining bad apples take advantage of you. Use your head.

One more award to us The International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), a global trade association of the golf tourism industry, has named Los Cabos as the ‘Latin America & Caribbean Golf Destination of the Year’ for 2017 in recognition of our exceptional golf courses and unique geographical setting.

The announcement of this win was made at a gala awards dinner at the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) held this year in the city of Palma, which is in Mallorca, Spain.

Los Cabos, if you haven’t heard, is home to signature golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Greg Norman, Robert Trent Jones, Jr., Davis Love #3, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods.

We also brag about having two courses on Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Courses in the World” list and seven of the top 11 courses in Mexico based on Golf Digest’s “Planet Golf” report. That makes Los Cabos the undisputed golf capital of Latin America. But we already knew how cool we are.

Property taxe hike announced As of January 1st, all property taxes in Los Cabos will increase by 3%. The estimated additional $1 million this will bring in will be spent on public services such as garbage collection, street lights, stop lights, and more pavement. Fewer dirt roads will be a big boost for cleaner air.

Wanna adopt a park? The Mango Deck group, which owns the popular Mango Deck restaurant on Medano beach and another Mango Deck restaurant on the Cabo marina, announced last week that it will be adopting a recreational park in the Ejidal barrio in Cabo.

Responsibilities include revamping the park with more attractions, trees, shades, steel installations for exercising, an area for handicapped people, and kids’ playground equipment. The soccer field will disappear, though.

The Mango group will be responsible for the remodeling of the park and its maintenance, saving money to the city. Other local businesses are expected to step up to the challenge to adopt more parks.

Hotels against the state. The Los Cabos hotel association is fighting the new tax to foreign tourists who spend more than 24 hours in our Southern Baja state. The 350 peso new tax, (about $17 bucks at the current rate of exchange), was proposed last month by Carlos Mendoza, the state governor, and approved by the state congress.

But in a unanimous vote, the local Hotel Ass. filed an amparo, or legal injunction, to prevent the state government from instituting its mandate. Stay tuned.

You will notice they have to be here 24 hours before they’re taxed. Would we sound jaded if we surmised that the cruise ship industry has a good enough lobby to get themselves exempted but the hotel industry does not?

How much wood could a wood chip chip? If a wood chipper could chip wood?  It goes something like that.

In an effort to reduce the volume of transporting tree branches and leaves to the city dump, the city government has approved the acquisition of two wood chippers.

One will be stationed in Cabo and one in San Jose. The ground up product will be used to create compost with the help of a local nursery, which in turn will be used to embellish our green areas.

New ranchers market open. A rancher’s market is now open in Todos Santos, featuring home made products from 38 producers from various rural areas of our Southern Baja state.

Fresh, natural products like artisanal cheeses, organic chicken and eggs, liqueurs and virgin honey are available, as well as handicrafts such as furniture made with regional woods, leather goods and clay pottery all made by ranchers’ hands. The Mercado (market) is located in Todos Santos on Calle Morelos between Rangel and Cuauhtemoc inside the San Diego Feed Store, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

La Paz hiring. With about 3,200 employees – reduced from 3,700 two years ago – the La Paz state government is spending 70% of its revenue just on salaries. 

Raul Calderon, treasurer of La Paz city, stated last week that this situation leaves a thin margin to invest funds in other needs.

Out of the 30% left, he said, half of it goes to pay electricity, fuel for government vehicles, telephone bills and only 14% is devoted to public services, including police corps.

Not surprisingly, there are unpaid salaries, past due payments to suppliers, and nearly $800,000 in labor lawsuits

But, we’re growing. The La Paz hotel Ass. stated last week that the hotel occupancy has increased by 45% over last year.

Hail in La Paz!

Last Saturday evening, a cold front hit La Paz with electric storms, thunder, rain and hail in the Centenario and Camino Real areas. Over an inch of hail could be seen on the streets. There were no reports of damages to property or vehicles. Ja ja ja. Nobody reported their car damaged by hail because nobody has insurance.

Loreto protects its islands. The National Park of Loreto Bay’s director announced that paths clearly marked have been created in the Coronado and Danzante islands, to protect the flora and fauna of the region. Let us spell it out for you, Bunky: Stay on the damn trails!

There are a total of five trails for those who like to walk around the islands. There are a number of signs explaining the delicate nature of the area as well as the kind of flora and fauna to be found, will be deployed soon. ,