Que Pasa In Cabo?

November 14, 2016 Edition

Holiday Alert! Mexico celebrates Revolution Day this November 20 with a parade in every town across the country. Here, it will take place from downtown Cabo marching towards the city government office at the crossroads of the road to Todos Santos, next to the Red Cross building.

In San Jose, it will go from the fire station on the main drag towards City hall.  The parade usually starts around 7:00 am and staggers around till about noon.

 It’s a good photo opp in both towns.  And just to make sure this is properly celebrated, Mexican workers will take the day off Monday, November 21. Banks will be closed, as will most government offices and schools. If you are an employer and can’t give your workers the day off, be aware that you must pay double salary.

Donkeys on display! Billed as the largest public art exhibition in the history of Los Cabos and Southern Baja this donkey show is taking place this month. It’s called Baja Burros on Parade, and there will be 15 locally made life size fiberglass donkeys, all painted differently by area artists. That’s art, get it?

The kick off for the donkey thing will be on Friday, November 25, starting at 6, at the Palmilla strip center.  The donkeys will hang around through April of next year, displayed along the walking corridor of the Palmilla shops. A closing charity auction Event will take place in April, the proceeds benefitting three local charitable organizations. Can hardly wait to see that auction; doesn’t everyone need a life size fiberglass donkey in their living room?

The donkey thing is the collaboration of Pez Gordo Gallery, Snell Real Estate, and The Shoppes at Palmilla. This joint effort is an expression of their commitment to bringing unique family–oriented cultural programs to the Los Cabos community. And they want to see just who needs one of those things in their home. That is bound to present some home decor challenges.

This whole donkey thing was dreamed up because couple years ago fiberglass fish went over big, raisin about 30 grand. Doesn’t everyone need a donkey to go along with their fish?

For more information about Baja Burros on Parade, contact Dana Lieb at Pez Gordo Gallery (624.144.5292, pezgordoart@yahoo.com) or Patricia Soto at The Shoppes at Palmilla (624.144.6999, patty.soto@theshoppes.com.mx).

Toy expo this week. Mexican toys have an interesting history, as they were beautifully crafted by our ancestors using different materials like wood and tin. To celebrate that history, the Patricia Mendoza art gallery in downtown San Jose will hold the first exhibit of Mexican toys this Thursday, November 17. 16 well known artists will be there to show their pieces.

The exhibit takes place during the traditional weekly Art Walk, where people can stagger around from gallery to gallery, while enjoying free wine snacks. The party starts at 5:00 pm at the corner of Alvaro Obregon and Miguel Hidalgo Street in the historic downtown of San Jose.

For more information, look up: www.patriciamendozagallery.com

Cabo kids need help. Those children of your maid or gardener who attend elementary school in impoverished neighborhoods are often being helped by many good souls and organizations. But more help is always needed. The group Creadores de Alas (Wings Creators) is trying to raise about nine grand to build decent bathrooms, playgrounds, sports facilities and a septic tank for children ages three to six at the Anabella Rojas pre school facility in the Leonardo Gastelum barrio near the Cabo San Lucas airport.

The school serves 170 kids, but the recreational area is hardly big enough for 20. Help is needed, and if you find in your heart that you can help, contact Reyna Lorenzo via email at reyna291987@hotmail.com or Anabella Rojas at cell 624-137-9187

They're baaaaaaack.... The largest farmers market has returned for the season. There's the granddaddy of them all opening this Saturday at 9 am and going all day. That is the San Jose market, behind the town. Go to www.sanjomo.com for a map, you will need it, as its out in the huerta. A meadow. You can eat there as well.

Then there is the Friday morning farmers market in the parking lot of the Palmilla strip center at km 27. You can eat at the new California Ranch Market inside the strip center. Pick up all sorts of imported food and eat at their American deli.

And, for the Cabo folks who like to stay close to home there is always the Pedregal farmers market, inside the back door to the Pedregal, it's actually not inside it, it's across the street from the grade school. And, yes, there's a healthy organic restaurant attached to it. That's rather small but it’s there every Saturday and Wednesday morning starting at 8. Enjoy a cupa coffee, meet new people, and watch the people shop for their greens for the week.

Hero comes to Cabo. That would me Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. Although Phelps and 2010 Miss California queen Nicole Johnson have actually been legally married since June, they headed to Cabo for a Mexican wedding bash held in the exclusive El Dorado resort.

Michael Phelps' net worth is estimated to be around $55 million, making him one of the richest athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Lucrative endorsements built his wealth.

Duck! New tax coming. Maybe. The state government sent a proposition to congress to tax 350 pesos (about $18 bucks) to all foreign tourists arriving to our state. Then the president of the La Paz business organization known as the La Paz coordinating council supported the idea.

That’s enough muscle to get this tax approved. However, once the state congress gives it the green light, the government has to deal with airlines and cruise ships to have this tax collected in advance and deposited in our state coffers. That could be disputed, delayed, or simply not accepted. And here lies the question; who will manage the new funds and what will those be used for? Allegedly, the monies will go to improve our police force. Ja! They never do anything about firing the bad apples. Because they have to be paid a big severance, they keep them. And, of course, those bad apples know it. So they keep on extorting our precious tourists. Same shit, different day.

Ship beached in by hurricane has been towed away.

A shrimp boat from Mazatlan has turned turtle and washed up on Las Barracas beach early September with its five man crew onboard.

Three of them died, 1 was able to swim back to the beach, and a fifth was never found.

After five attempts to right the ship, it was finally towed away. They demasted it and used big crane, then towed it back to Mazatlan for repairs. Don’t bother salvaging the contents, because a team of professional divers has already got everything.

Recycling Night. It will Noche Verde, (Green Friday) at La Generala Restaurant on Nov. 25, 6:00-11PM in Todos Santos hosted by Ecorrrevoluccion in support of Punto Verde Recycling Center of Todos Santos.

Punto Verde Recycling Center of Todos Santos is hosting this fundraising dinner event featuring live music, and a bountiful buffet.

Proceeds go towards expanding capacity at Punto Verde Recycling Center. Purchase tickets before Nov. 20 for 300 pesos. Cuauhtémoc St. between Santos Degollado & Zaragoza. Phone: 624 134 4918.

Party with a cause. Like we need another cause to party in Mexico. The Amigos de Todos Santos will throw a Mexican party this Friday, November 18 starting at 5:00 pm.

The Mexican Night will be held at the cultural center in downtown Todos Santos, and the proceeds will go to the annual children’s Christmas festival. There will be folk dancing, dinner buffet and live music. Tickets are 200 pesos a piece (about $10 bucks) and are available at the Hotel California front desk and at papeleria la Palma located at the other side of town in San Ignacio. For more information contact: Monserrath Castro, airam360@hotmail.com, 612-152-7032.

No Trick Just Treats! Now that Halloween is over, the Palapa Library in Todos Santos is proud to announce that they are open 6six days a week – Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, with books for sale available. Proceeds from the library help a student enrolled in the English program by paying their tuition. For just 120 pesos (that's $6 US!) you can help a needy kid improve his or her education.

Classes are full but so many could use help with this monthly fee. Contact the Palapa Society for more information at info@palapasociety.org. The Palapa Society, info@palapasociety.org, Todos Santos.