Que Pasa In Cabo?

October 3, 2016 Edition

Food fest! Different from a food fight but just as much fun. The annual Rhythms, Colors and Flavors festival, a stupid name for a food event organized by the Los Cabos Public Relations Ass., will take place on Saturday, October 15, along the Cabo San Lucas marina.

The party goes from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. with live music featuring  blues, rock and funk, as well as food vendors from local restaurants.

For more information look up Ritmos Colores y Sabores on Facebook, or call Daniel Uribe on his cellie: 624-109-8070.

And then, another festival. An artsy-fartsy one this time. The Plaza del Pescador in San Jose, located in the hotel zone across from the Cabo Azul resort, will hold an arts festival on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5, in the street in front of the strip mall – which features several very good restaurants.

The event will take place from 5:00 to 10:00 pm each day, featuring giant puzzles of paintings by Picasso, DaVinci and Frida Kahlo, as well as painting workshops for adults and children, a body painting contest and live music by local artists.

Among the artists will be the Youth Orchestra of Los Cabos, the Polyphonic Chorus, the city’s Folkloric dance group, Polynesian dance group, and well-known artists David Flores, Luna Itzell, Isabella Dancer and Jaime Martinez.

Attendance is free to all and reservations are required to participate in the workshops. For more information look up Arts Festival Los Cabos on Facebook, or email Astrid Castaneda at eastridcruiz@gmail.com

Property taxes going up. Our city fathers have approved a 3% increase to property taxes for next year. The increase affects mostly the tourist zone and posh residential areas, as the property tax in popular neighborhoods around Cabo and San Jose is so cheap it’s embarrassing. And it will be even more embarrassing if you whine about this increase, so don’t.

The future looks rosy. Even with the opening of more hotels and resorts in Los Cabos, the fall/winter season looks promising, said Enrique Turcott, president of the local hotel ass.

Reservations so far predict 80% of rooms occupied through Easter week.

We are in the dark. At least along the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose. As a precautionary measure, the SCT, (communications and transport ministry), ordered the telescopic light poles along the fourlane to come down during hurricane Newton, some four weeks ago.

At press time, more than two weeks since Newt blew through town, they are still down. The SCT delegate in our state said that he prefers to keep them down until the hurricane season is over – which officially occurs on November 30.

It takes SCT workers two to three days to drive out there between each and every light pole and manually crank the poles down, and as much time again in cranking them back up. But, bending under pressure, the SCT honcho said he would probably allow the to be cranked up before that time, as the weather seems to be milder now, with not such prospects for more hurricanes. Geeze, who’s stupid idea was hand crank light poles? Why didn’t they just put that dinero into building stronger, hurricane proof light poles? And just how long are those hand cranks with wire going to work before they are broken and or frozen by the salt air?

Cabo mall expanding.

The mall known as Puerto Paraiso on the Cabo marina has been undergoing lots of changes lately, including a new food court, new stores, and relocation of others.

But the best is yet to come. The second floor, all around from Ruth’s Chris restaurant, over Ultrafemme as well as on the top of the parking lot, dozens of ocean view condos are being built as you read this.

And on the empty lot between the mall and the Marina Sol building, more condos will spring up.

In total a little more than 500 condominiums will spring up, with the first ones to be delivered in April.

The new complex, named The Paraiso Residences, will also feature pools, a spa, and the usual assorted amenities. Although still not definitive, prices will start at $300K and up to $1.5 million for the larger condos on the top floor.

For more information look up: www.theparaisoresidences.com

Happy Birthday! Make that happy belated birthday, as September marked the 41st anniversary of the foundation of the rizty titzy housing tract known as the Pedregal.

That’s the one on the hill above the Cabo marina. It was the dream of visionary developer Manuel Diaz Rivera, and his descendents are running it today. The desireable, easily built out lots are gone, but there are plenty of resales available.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, look up this website which features several photographs of Pedregal from the good old days. That would be before the marina was dredged and that land was a dirt air strip.



It’s tuna time! The 4th annual Van Wormer Resort Tuna Shoot Out will take place in front of Hotel Palmas De Cortez on Saturday, October 29th starting at 7:00am.

Registration will be available in La Paz and San Jose also, for those traveling from these towns.

The tournament format will be the same as the Dorado Shoot Out except this time it’s the biggest yellowfin tuna that will win. The largest tuna caught on October 29, 2016 will win approximately $35,000 (based on 100 teams entering).

This is a one day tournament, so anyone can win. Entry fee is only $500 per team. The traditional awards dinner will be held at Hotel Palmas De Cortez on Saturday, October 29th at 7pm.

For more details look up: https://www.vanwormerresorts.com

No olvidar. That’s Mex speak for do not forget. This weekend, on October 8 and 9, some 300 swimmers will participate in the “Por ellas, brazadas en pro de la prevención del cáncer,” which we would translate as “For them, laps pro cancer prevention.” Well, nothing translates directly, but you get the idea.

This competition takes place in La Paz bay and includes biking and running competitions as well as cultural activities, all along the malecon. The number of registered participants so far means that nearly $100,000 could be raised to benefit cancer prevention programs. How about cancer fixing programs? The event began as a benefit for women’s cancer prevention and cure programs but is now also supporting a pediatric cancer unit in La Paz.

For more information look up: www.porellasmexico.mx

Go deep. Free diving tournament will take place from October 22 to 29 at Espiritu Santo island in La Paz.

There will be several categories of free diving – that is, diving as deep as possible with no oxygen tank. And getting back up. Holding your breath.

For more information look up: http://www.bigblue.com.mx/2016.html.

It’s interesting, but difficult to watch, since it all takes place under the water. Still it’s fun to watch the patch of water to see if they bob back up again.

 Hotel strike might end soon. Well, it’s too late for soon November this year will mark the 8th anniversary of the  strike that has kept the Los Arcos hotel in La Paz closed since 2008.

But now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The labor court has ruled against the hotel owners, ordering them to pay $3.6 million in past due salaries to 78 employees that have been on strike that long.

When everyone thought the owners would appeal, the union received an offer instead.

Alberto Renteria, head of the workers’ union, said his office had received an offer – a very interesting offer, he added without revealing figures – and that this might come to be the end of the strike. He will present the offer to the striking workers and possibly reach a unanimous accord. That entire strike was so bogus, it was all political and the family that owns the hotel don’t deserve this anymore than do the so called “striking” workers.

Loreto looking rosy. According to a local government report, sales of real estate in Loreto, which is about two  hours north of La Paz on the Sea of Cortes, are up a whopping 400%.

The report is based on revenue from the acquisition tax, which was boosted by former Mayor Yuan Yee several years ago, and does not specify if there were many more properties sold, or only larger, more expensive ones. But it certainly looks like Loreto is finally growing. Surprising considering it’s such a Canadian destination and Canada is hurting with its dollar taking such a pounding.