A New Way to Sell Real Estate

And boy do we need it. Any Realtor who doesn’t get onboard with this is going to lose sales

People grumble about paying the traditional 10% commission most Realtors ask, but honestly, when you see what extra work is involved in selling real estate down here, you can understand it. Leaving aside how difficult and expensive it is to close a deal in Mexico, working with the screwed up banks to buy the fedicomiso, and then dealing with the Mexican notaries, just closing a deal is an ordeal. Then there’s the showing the house, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

There are no lock boxes in Los Cabos. Nobody trusts anybody enough to use them. That means to see a house you have to get your Realtor to sync up his or her time with the listing agent who has the key. Now you have two Realtors out there onsite, making it twice the cost of doing business in the real world.

If you’re a lookie loo who just wants a break from the beach today, you have wasted two business people’s afternoon when you decide to go to the beach after all and don’t show up.  This is way too common and is why Realtors try to carefully gauge a prospective buyer’s depth of interest and sometimes guess wrong, not making the effort to show a property when they should.

There is probably nothing in our life time that’s going to smooth out the closing process, and making it more professional. But! But! Now the showing process is mostly fixed! This will revolutionize the real estate industry everywhere but is especially valuable here in Mexico.

Harry Schikora, a real estate agent himself, has bought a franchise that can shoot a 360 degree panoramic view of the home, showing each and every room. When you look at a static picture, you can’t see around you. But when you look at Harry’s twirl around video of a home, you actually feel like you’re walking the home. Honest to god. It’s the closest feeling of virtual reality we have to date.

You go to the site, wherever its posted; It could be your personal site, your company site, a YouTube channel, or you can even post the link on your Facebook page. Just get it out there. And then forget about keeping the house immaculate all the time in hopes someone will stop by and rummage through your personal space. Just clean it up once for Harry to video, and then sit back and count the “foot” traffic to the site where you have your house posted.

Viewing this video really is like being there. You click on a blue circle and push that circle around wherever you want to go. You can even feel like you’re climbing stairs one by one, (minus the huffing and puffing). You go upstairs and move the blue circle to the left to explore that wing of the house. Then you ride your blue circle back to the stairs, but instead of going back down, (live a little, take them two at a time, you won’t fall), you explore the other upstairs wing of the house. You want to see that bathroom faucet better?  Just zoom in to where you see it like closer than you ever needed to see a faucet.

This is so real, that in my opinion it would not be irresponsible to buy from the video, without even seeing the house in person.

Harry is selling the services of his magic camera to anyone who will pony up the money.  Prices start at about $300, and go up 25 cents a square foot from there.

So who’s going to buy this service?

Surprisingly, Realtors have been slow to buy. But private sellers can buy the video and post it anywhere they want, bypassing the real estate industry entirely, if you can’t find an agent who will get onboard.

And that’s what Harry is planning to do; if he can’t sell it to the industry, he’s going directly to the sellers. He is building his own site to showcase the homes he has shot and that are for sale by owner. He will act as the closing agent for the seller for half what it would cost to list it: Only 5%.

This cool video system isn’t just confined to real estate. A restaurant could use it to engage their potential followers, as could a hotel, or even if you’re renting your place on Air BNB. If you’re building a house here but live in the States, send Harry out to document their progress and check on their use of materials and quality of construction. His rate of $300 is nothing compared to re-doing some screw up by your construction crew.

To feel this experience in person, go to visionary3dphotos.com. Look at the house Harry has videoed. The commercial that is also posted there doesn’t do the system justice, Harry has done a better job with the local house he shot than the franchise has done with their commercial. And that’s a good thing, to know we have a virtuoso of camera right here in Cabo.

You can reach Harry Schikora at visionary3dphotos@gmail.com. Reach his cell at 624 1594648.   ,