New Popcorn Store!

How cool is this?

There’s a new popcorn store near downtown Cabo San Lucas. That’s right, a  popcorn store that just sells popcorn, No theater attached. Now, that’s a narrow field.

It’s the product of Kimberly and John Ferguson’s fertile imagination on how to make a living down here. Originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia, they tried selling timeshare, but that was not to their liking. So, with limited employment opportunities, they decided to open their own store. But selling what? Popcorn! Yup. Popcorn. And they give out free samples!

They are diversified within the popcorn world, offering many flavors, from chili to caramel corn. There is one veggie popcorn that looks for all the world like marijuana buds. Take that sack of popcorn to your next party.

They also have banana flavored popcorn, vanilla, cheddar, bacon and funfettie, whatever that is, we didn’t try it. All these are from $2.50 to five dollars for pretty decent size bags. And you get to sample them before committing to your investment in popcorn. Free samples!

Because they specialize in just popcorn, they can pay attention to details that really matter in the popcorn world. Yes, there are serious issues with popcorn, it’s not all fun and games.

The Fergusons start with quality jumbo mushroom shaped popcorn because they believe it gives a better shape and flavor. Then they only use quality vegetable and white coconut oil to pop it.

They even created their own unique machine that cleans the little kernels before they’re popped. you know, the stuff that remains at the bottom of your popcorn sack. Won’t get those crumbs here: If it won’t pop, it won’t go into the popping machine.

The only thing they lack, and it’s very strange in the popcorn world to be without, is the hugely popular kettle corn. That’s popcorn popped with sugar. But they say they’re still expanding, so let’s cut them some slack there. They are constantly working in their super secret test kitchen to come up with more flavors, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them to see what they’ve come up with this week.

Kimberly tells us they have big expansion plans within the industry. They’re currently kicking tires on kiosks, as they would like to be closer to the marina with their satellite pop stands.

For now you can peruse the main papa pop stand which is sort of on the main drag coming into town on your right, across from the police station. It’s actually one door down from the main drag on a street that goes off at a diagonal. But you can see it from the main drag. Its kind of behind that big behemoth of a restaurant, Ramuri. You can’t miss it. Hours are about 10 to 10. Oh! The name of the pop stand is Uneeda Popcorn. Get it? You need this popcorn. Well, you can’t say it’s not a fun business and it sure beats selling time share.  And you get free samples.