Looking For Gringo Tacos?

Head To Sancho’s On The Marina

If you’re a Gringo who spends more than a few weeks a year in Cabo, there are certain things you start to miss. And crazy as it might sound to Mexicans, there are a lot of us who miss good ol’ Americanized, Taco Bell-style tacos. You know, the kind filled with shredded lettuce, cheese and sour cream – all the toppings you won’t find at an authentic taco stand. 

Well, Gringo taco lovers, rejoice! Sancho’s, located next to Tiki Bar on the marina, has a signature taco that will make you drool. Their pink tacos are a double decker taco with a fried inner shell that’s covered in refried beans and wrapped in a soft shell. You have a choice of ground beef, shrimp or fish and the meat comes topped with shredded lettuce and a generous dose of what looks like spray on cheese. Like Cheese Whiz. 

And, to make the pink tacos even more Gringo-fied, the beans are cooked using Taco Bell’s bean seasoning recipe. We taste-tested them ourselves and give them two enthusiastic thumbs up! If you want to try them yourself, go on Tuesday and take advantage of the 3X2 special. 

Oh, and the name pink taco? Normally we’d tell you to get your minds out of the gutters, but in this case the name actually is a dirty euphemism. But, the taco shells are dyed bright pink so you really are eating a pink taco.  

Sancho’s co-owners Margo Marek and Courtney Chappell landed on the name pink tacos because, hey, it’s fun and it’s ear catching. It lets them have a lot of fun with the merchandising, too, Margo says.  

If you’re craving something from the deep south more than American tacos, Sancho’s hosts a Cajun shrimp boil every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy steaming piles of shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes while you watch the games. They also offer Amercican style hot sandwiches. There are 8 HD flat screen TVs lining the walls of Sancho’s that can show six different NFL games at a time, all in surround sound.  

Margo and Courtney are first time business owners who actually know what they’re doing, not just another one of those “Hey, we should start a bar!” stories you hear all the time. Margo was one of the main booze slingers at Cabo Blue for three years before saying adios to start her own place, and before that she spent 12 years in the service industry in Texas. Courtney was an accountant before moving to Cabo, and now does the number crunching for Sancho’s.  

The pair scouted out potential locations for more than a year. They started renovations in January and then had to sit and wait almost two months for the license for Sancho’s to come through. But once they did, it was game on. 

“We got the license at 1 p.m. and opened at 5 p.m. that same day. We were so ready to go,” Margo says. Sancho’s officially opened in August but didn’t have a grand opening until October, strategically spending the slow month of September working out all the kinks that come with any new business.  

They’d like to expand out onto the patio on the front of Sancho’s, but are getting resistance from Tesoro. Somehow the geniuses over there think that space is a common area of the hotel so they’re not allowed to put tables and chairs out there. Yes, the customary shake down from Tesoro. However, customers can still use the patio to have a smoke or enjoy the marina view. So the solution here is to just bring your beach chair. The people watching right on the malecon is great.