Locals Make Products Gov’t Helps Market

And you can pick up some neat, genuine stuff

A local city program called "Made in Los Cabos" has been developed by the Directorate of Liaison and Business Development, with the goal of increasing the income of mostly rural families that make craft products. They have been given a space in front of City Hall to sell their crafts at the Friday Market, from 9:00 am to 4 pm. That would be on Friday, Einstein.

You can find taco baskets, bread, tamales, beans and meat empanadas. Desserts, damiana tea, pineapple jam with jalapeno, peanuts, and pickled fish. There is also jewelery of shells and wooden sculptures. You never know from week to week what gems you will find.

Made in Los Cabos is the name of the organization and they “sometimes” form up on Saturdays, also, and also  in the public square in downtown San Jose, but in the evening, from  5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Also represented there are gastronomy, products, and crafts. Hey, we’re translating this from Spanish for you, so sometimes the message is a little awkward. Or is it our Spanish that’s a little awkward? Could be.

The city government also supports these vendors in exhibiting in other places, like hotels, fairs, and wherever people congregate. 

The city helps with this Made In Los Cabos program in the belief that it is important that the culinary roots of the town are preserved, and that the locals have the opportunity to work for the welfare of their families.

And if you are an artsy fartsy foreigner who’s always on the prowl for new markets, don’t even go there: This is for the locals only. But you can swing by and support the efforts of these hard working people by buying from them.