It’s not Smart To Tease A Shark

Here’s one who didn’t much like it

West of the Baja peninsula is happy hunting ground for sharks. But nobody hunts them, so they are gawked at by tourists who pay serious money to go down to their habitat in a steel cage to commune with the big guys and to take pictures. It’s a bragging rights thing, fueled, we suspect, by an over abundance of testosterone.

But last month a great white shark broke through the cage, seriously scaring everyone in the operation not least of whom was the hapless diver who’s turn it was to be shark bait.

Actually, for shark bait they use chunks of raw tuna which they dangle out for the shark to smell. This brings the sharks running, (which is hard to do when they have no feet).

A photographer from California captured the incident on video, which shows the shark charging for a piece of tuna and slamming unintentionally into the diver’s cage. Unable to back up, the shark tried to move forward and broke the cage, while the diver who was inside escaped through the bottom where he was able to look down upon two more great whites below.

Meanwhile, the first shark thrashed about inside the cage for a few seconds before escaping through the top, which had quickly been opened by the boat’s crew.

The diver beat a hasty retreat to the cage and swam to the top of it, and out the now gaping hole and jumped into the boat where he no doubt had to change his wet suit.

But the show, and the money making, must go on so the crew returned the next day to Guadalupe Island, ready to take more tourists down to look at the sharks. Presumably, this incident will be left off their marketing materials.