Help Save Historic Chimney

In the nearby town of El Triunfo, there is the mother of all chimneys. This sucker is big. It used to be a gold and silver mining center, but that shut down when the mining company ceased operations in 1912.

The entire town is now a museum with well-preserved buildings and mansions from the era and three old cemeteries: one for US citizens, another for the Chinese and a third for Mexicans.

Now the chimney that was used in the smelting process needs restoration. Earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes and old age are whittling it away and restoration is in progress.

The restoration will take a total of 3,500 bricks and you can buy a brick for 50 Gringo bucks. You will get a certificate that shows you paid more for a brick than you would have if only you had gone to Home Depot.

Simply go to and buy your brick. And do spend an afternoon in the town of El Triunfo, it’s very interesting.