Halloween Is Fun

But Day of the Dead is awesome!

Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is coming up and Mexican altars are a way to remember those we’ve loved and are no longer with us. In Mexico and other Latin communities, families spend a ton of time and boo coo bucks setting up an elaborate and colorful display with offerings prepared for spirits returning on November 1 and 2. Family members decorate this display together, much as American families decorate their Christmas tree; as a family project.

This year 15 altars designed by local artists and businesses working together with 15 local charities will be displayed on Flora Farms' grounds.

Visitors can vote on their favorite by stumbling around the walk of alters with fun interactive maps.

There will be drinks, snacks and entertainment. Voting for the best ofrenda will take place on November 2nd, throughout the day, and you may participate in the voting. Prize winning will each winner’s charity.

There’s no charge but they want you to make reservations at reservations@flora-farms.com.

*Altars will be displayed at the farm Nov. 2nd to 6th. Flora Farms is just past San Jose, out in the tullies. Better go to their website and take a close look at their map.