Half Marathon Coming

Traffic alert

The upcoming Los Cabos half marathon gives all national and international participants and teams the chance to run their ass off all over Los Cabos. Or almost all over.  We will give you a heads up on the route so you can hopefully bypass it. But first you have to read about it.

Their charity this year is Red Autismo and Heart of Baja Foundation. The first is an autism help group, the latter is a sort of Habitat for Mexican Humanity

Volunteers are needed, they are crucial for the success of Los Cabos Half Marathon 2017. Not only they help provide a safe event, but they also motivate runners along the course, since some parts may feel a little bit lonely. However, be aware they have never been very hospitable to foreign helpers. Good Spanish is almost a must. Of course, it’s still fun to be part of the cheering squad, all runners respond to hearing that along the way. Mas rapido will work.

There is a team division, and companies are encouraged to apply, as running the race is a great team building activity that inspires togetherness, wellness, and a sense of accomplishment that will truly help energize the office environment. Well, that’s what their literature says. Several years ago the GG did sponsor an employee who really wanted to win some money. Then he wanted a “team jersey”.  He got a GG bumper sticker across his shirt and he didn’t win.

This year there will be an opening party on a cruise, with great food and beverages, while watching whales and the sunset. VIP guest will be Bart Yasso; Elena Aguilar and Martin Pitayo. Are we the only ones who have never heard of these people? 

In addition to the half marathon, (13 miles), there will be a 10k & 5k race for kiddies and adults, and over the hill people, too.

All the races go off February 12, starting at 7:00 a.m. with the start and finish line: Plaza Mijares, in the main plaza of downtown part of San Jose. You don’t need a better address, you can’t miss all the people milling around.

Traffic will be bolixed up all over downtown San Jose as well as along hotel row in San Jose, out to La Playita and that marina, the road to the airport between the Fonatur statue and the toll booth, and the fourlane as far south as about half way to Cabo, at  the Chileno beach turn off. Most of these roads will be using only two lanes, leaving two lanes for two way traffic, which one would think would be adequate, but when they don’t deploy the damn orange cones until 10 feet before the road closure, and when everyone jumps the 10 foot line up, it becomes more of a frustration than it should. Stay home that day.

If you would like to hob nob with the truly fit without getting too close to the actual sweaty stuff, check out the so called Fitness Event at the Holiday Inn in San Jose the day before, February 11, from 11 am to 6.30 pm.  The Exhibit will offer the sale of sportswear and sports equipment, the promotion of other sports events and, sports and health conferences.

 And, you don’t have to be sweaty and tired to check out the post-race celebration featuring music, wine, beer tasting, and food. Entrance to the party is $22 U.S. and everyone is welcome.

If part or all of this info proves to be incorrect, don’t be sending us those cards and letters and rocks, because this is the info race officials are publishing. Not our fault if they change it up, which, they are bound to do.