Genetic Testing Comes To Cabo

Now you can know exactly what’s going on inside what is uniquely you, and fix something if you have to

Personalized medicine is changing healthcare, and will soon be available here in Los Cabos.  It is being fueled by genomic testing: DNA.

We now know that food turns on and off genes. In fact, new research shows that the gene for cancer can only turn on in the presence of sugar.

We are born with a certain set of DNA but now your DNA is not your destiny. It has been said for years that one third of your risk for disease is your genes, but two thirds is what you do with the genes you were handed. We all make choices on a daily basis and over time they add up and either protect us or trip us up.

Nutrigenomics is the study of food and dietary supplements and their effects on genes. This area of research explains why some people can eat a high fat diet and have no problem with their cholesterol levels while others experience the exact opposite response. Genetically, we are like snowflakes and only identical twins have the exact same DNA.

What do we know in this field so far? Lots! And with more to come. For instance, researchers have identified compounds found in broccoli that switch on a specific gene that helps the body detoxify. But, because this gene is missing in about 20% of the population, some people won’t benefit from the detoxifying properties of broccoli.

Individuals who have a ‘slow’ version of the gene that breaks down caffeine in the liver have an increased risk of a heart attack by drinking coffee. However, those who have the ‘fast’ version of the gene, have a lower risk of heart attacks with moderate intakes of caffeinated coffee. Which are you? Without knowing your DNA, you won’t know. Using our personal DNA means we no longer have to play a guessing game.

Genetic testing then is personalized medicine—allowing physicians to deliver a person’s medications based on a person’s genotype.  An individual’s genetics can suggest optimal dosing levels, cause some medications to be more or less effective, or in some cases lead to avoiding wrong medications that could cause personal harm.  This genetic test is available here through Spa Cielo in San Jose.

This year the owner, Cathy Dammann, will incorporate the medicine of the future to the here and now, by introducing functional biomedical genetic testing, consultation and therapies, at Spa Cielo Laser and Wellness Center.  Many genetic tests are available and can help you sort through what type of exercise is best for you, risks for bone loss, genetic variants that affect detoxification and hormone metabolism, how well you are aging, risk of celiac disease, and more. 

 Over the past 12 years Spa Cielo has been all about turning back the clock with making people look younger by using light and laser technologies, but they are shifting their focus to help  their patients feel as good as they look and look as good as they feel. 

The lack of functional biomedical therapies here in the Los Cabos area became apparent, when two years ago Dammann was diagnosed with breast cancer. In her search to recapture her health she found Dr. Joseph Dib who has an individualized treatment program using ketogenic diet, nutritional IV supplementation, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and customized nutritional biomedical therapies.  After treatment with Dr Dib, she was feeling better than she had felt in many years.

Dr. Dib has agreed to travel to Los Cabos four times a year to treat children with autism. He will also be available to see patients interested in biomedical interventions in order to prevent illness, uncover root causes of chronic illness, or obtain optimal wellness. He will first be available for consultation December 1 through the 13. 

Joseph Dib, MD, PhD is an emergency medicine and biomedical physician, specializing in functional medicine with a focus on nutritional genetic consulting, environmental and heavy metal toxicity load, food intolerances, and gut biome.  Dr. Dib is a world renown speaker with offices in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco, and now he will be available here in Los Cabos at Spa Cielo Laser and Wellness Center.

He is a mentor, educator, and speaker in the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, a member of DAN, (Defeat Autism Now), and has certifications in Hyperbaric Oxygen and Dive Medicine and is a member certified with the Divers Alert Network.

 His nutritional programs are individualized for each client. His specialty is in interpreting DNA reports and in preparing individualized nutrition programs that speak to those DNA results. Remember we told you broccoli was only beneficial to some people? Well, Dr. Dib can tell you which side of the broccoli you stand. You will know what is helping you to greater health and what is not.

His findings are based on results first from the American DNA company 23 and Me. That costs $200 and all you do is spit into a test tube and mail it off. Two months later you are emailed a print out of our DNA. He also of course takes into account a bunch of other tests and your health history.

Dr Dib believes you can change your destiny and take control of your health by understanding your risk or propensity for disease through epigenetics.

1. Never before has it been so easy and inexpensive to obtain your genetic information. We have all have inherited some not so good genes, and those in combination with environmental influences and lifestyle choices, may have caused us to become ill.  Now we can participate in our own early intervention and/or prevention.

2. Spa Cielo will be providing the following lab test: DNA, organic acids test, environmental and heavy metal toxicity, food intolerance testing, complete stool analysis and medication DNA Insight.  Following Dr. Dib’s individually designed plan, Spa Cielo will be offering biomedical therapies which will include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Nutritional IV therapy, chelation for detoxification, and nutritional supplements.

3. Diagnosis is a crucial step in medicine, but it can also be the most difficult. Doctors usually must guess the most likely causes of a medical problem and then order individual tests to see which is the right diagnosis for that person. The causes of some conditions, like chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia may be so hard to diagnose that doctors often end up with no answer at all.

If you are in the U.S,. you can order your DNA test from for $199.00 and schedule a consultation to review your findings.  Testing needs to be completed two weeks prior to Dr. Dib’s arrival.  For more information, call Spa Cielo at 624-105-2209 for a free consultation prior to Dr. Dib’s arrival and receive a complementary ride in the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber.