Ever wondered How The Other Half Lives?

That would be the 90% of the people here who are Mexican

The Sarahuaro Foundation is a charity that supports women through educational activities that help them improve themselves, their families, and their community.

They do this primarily through classes and workshops at community centers, which cover a range of topics including basic life skills, language and literacy, and job training.

For you, the knowledge-searching visitor who is not content to sit on your beach blanket day after day, they offer a trip out to the barrio to visit with some of the local women. 

Your four hour van trip will take you to, among other treats, a sit down with the hard working women of the barrio. You will see how they spend their days, see where they work, how they care of their families, and you may even be asked to pitch in and help with some of their chores and activities. You will not be loading a dishwasher: You will get a real feel for real lives that are very different from your own.

You can visit the kitchen that feeds more than 100 children in a single daycare center located in the poorest part of Cabo. Here you can enjoy the chatter of squeaky little voices, or pitch in and help serve 100 meals, some to squeekers who are too young even to feed themselves. Or, you can man, (woman?) the tortilla brigade in the kitchen.

Leaving the daycare behind, and with the help of onboard translators, you can sit down and talk to the women and children who spend their day in an environment that is only five miles away, but also a world away from your hotel.

After immersing yourself in several different lifestyles of the barrio, you will enjoy a delicious lunch at a quaint local restaurant off the beaten track. Here, again, with the help of your hosts and translators, you can sit and have a conversation with the astonishingly honest women who work there.

All this costs a donation of $45 and the good women of Sarahuaro will even pick you up at your hotel. All of the suggested $45 goes towards sustaining the various programs that the Sarahuaro women run, so your participation is important.

To sign up for what is sure to become the most unforgettable part of your vacation, call 624 122 4955.

Can check out their website at www.sarahuaro.org.   ,