Did You Pick Up Your Grasshopper Sandwich?

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The traveling Oaxacan market is camped out again at the Walmart parking lot in Cabo, but shake a leg, it’s only here until January 30th . (See, too late!)

High on the menu of Oaxacan cuisine is chapulines, which is grasshoppers that have been fried and seasoned with salt, lime and chili pepper. Whoaaa Nellie! Fried grasshoppers would take a heap of seasoning to entice this writer, but maybe some of you are not such finicky eaters.

The way these are cooked up, they still look like grasshoppers, so there’s no doubt what you’re eating. We recommend the old squint-eye method of eating these: Squint so hard you see stars and start believing you’re on another planet.

 The good news is, a grasshopper sandwich only costs 50 pesos or $2.50 USD.  That’s a bargain for a good source of protein if you’re into desperate measures to get that protein intake under control.

Remember, you have to ask for chapulines, as they won’t know the word grasshopper. Take your picture while eating one and send it to us. We will publish your picture. Make your mama proud.

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