Did You Miss The Traditional Parade?

Well, it wasn't that traditional

Mexico City dreamed up a parade to celebrate for the annual Day of the Dead festival, complete with floats, and giant puppets of skeletons. Is this Day of the Dead stuff? No. Not until now.

The Bond movie Spectre showed this never before seen in their opening credits, just making it up and expecting their fans to believe this kind of parade goes on in Mexico on this November 2 holiday. It was a great scene, looked like great fun, so people in the capitol city went with it, creating a real parade and starting a new tradition.  

Are Day of the Dead traditions at risk of falling to the influence of Hollywood? Some people think so, but the Mexican culture is the result of the blending of traditions with those other countries for hundreds of years.

It was the Mexico City government that seized on the idea of mounting a carnivalesque Parade of the Dead.

In one more case of life imitating art, the now officially sponsored parade attracted thousands of people - reports varied from 100,000 to a quarter of a million - who enjoyed a full-blown spectacle of skulls, skeletons, and the ever-present bright orange flowers of the dead.

Government officials hope the parade is here to stay. They are hoping this will be bigger than the Veracruz carnival, and within a few years will be at the same level as the Rio carnival. Well, they can dream. And maybe it will be. And all thanks to a Hollywood film.

And by the way, Mexico City demanded 18 million dollars from the film company to shoot some of the scenes in the city. They got their money’s worth.