Cult Alert

So I joined a Cult, right here in Todos Santos. This cult claims to have more than a billion followers in all the world. That’s hard to believe, but still I felt the pressure because most of my friends had succumbed. It was almost like membership was going to be required by everyone from the entire population.

The propaganda machine seems to be working overtime to recruit new members and induction seems to be only a click away and it couldn't be simpler, so they say.

So I joined.

Other members can now contact me 24/7/365, for any and all reasons, most of them lame. Sometimes they send unsolicited photographs. Sometimes even dirty photographs.  But if I misbehave they can end our friendship and nobody else would even know that my chastising has happened.

 To communicate to other members it is required for everyone to have a secret password and it is encrypted. Other members spend a lot of time and energy to infiltrate and solicit new recruits. 

The charismatic founder has set up an elaborate system for soliciting new members.  And I hear that if I cancel my membership I will have big issues with the people in authority, as well as other members.

Some people have been arrested for doing illegal activities including child pornography and then sharing it through the Program. 

I think the only benefit from this Program is that I get invited to conversations from attractive women who seem to be very, very friendly.

The name of this cult is Facebook, maybe you have heard of it? It seems everybody  has.