Celebrate Saint Joseph In San Jose

Annual festival runs March 8-19

It’s that time of year again. The city of San Jose celebrates its patron saint, St. Joseph (that would be San Jose in Spanish), every year with a festival. St. Joseph of course, being the father of Jesus. This 11 day event, which is more like a fair with carney rides, runs March 8-19.

Many local businesses rent spaces at the event to sell food, promote their school, sell handmade trinkets, etc. Lots of genuine Mexican homemade food and sweets will be available. Since this event falls during Lent, keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot any food vendors who change their menu depending on which day of the week it is.

Traditional carnival rides and games are also brought from out of town and set up here for the event. This is a funny sight since very few, if any, safety regulations are in place and extension cords are strewn all over the place. Be sure to watch your step when walking around (and maybe choose which rides you go on carefully).

Also featured as part of the fair is the beauty pageant. Every year, the local gals have a contest to see who will be named the queen of San Jose. Pageant requirements include being between 18-25, at least 5 feet 5 inches tall, good at public speaking, and having resided in San Jose for at least two years.

Even though the fair officially starts on March 8, not all vendors or activities will be there on time. The carnival activities will arrive on the 8th, but some local vendors only come for certain days. The event gets bigger and bigger with each day. The biggest days are March 14-19, where there will be musical and theatrical performances every night. And the most important day is March 19, which is the feast of Saint Joseph; it seems as if the whole town comes to the fair on that day.

Pieces of the event itself is found throughout the main plaza of San Jose and stretches all the way to the big sports stadium just off the main highway. Come early if you want to find parking and avoid traffic-related hassles, which you still won’t avoid, as parking is a mess. But it shouldn’t cost you anything unless you choose to park in a private lot. Admission is free, but most activities come at an additional charge.