The Caboholics Are Coming to Town

You might want to check these symptoms to see if you are one

A Caboholic is a person who has visited Los Cabos and experienced its magic, according to Maddie Corona, an active board member, “Once you've felt this, you do whatever it takes to feel it again and again and again!”  If you have experienced this desire to return to Cabo, you may be a Caboholic and don’t know it,

This year’s Caboholic convention is coming to downtown Cabo San Lucas from February 11 to 18 and is sure to be a huge success.  Once a year ever since way way back in 2012, members of the Caboholic Support Group have formed up in Cabo for a week of hard partying with like minded addicts while at the same time raising funds for good causes and showing their appreciation to all the businesses that go out of their way to welcome them. This year there are more than 70 businesses partnering with the convention. Those businesses hope all or some of the people will slide by their establishment and spend a little money. You will see banners outside these storefronts welcoming Caboholics. 

The organization with over 9,000 members today, has grown substantially since the first 2012 pow wow when only about 30 or 40 people flew in to show their support from the affliction. 

In addition to having a good time, Caboholics want to give back to the community.   The first

small convention raised about $458 to give back, and today they raise thousands.  This

year’s fundraisers support the following organizations: The Fire Department of Cabo San Lucas,

El Ranchito animal shelter in San Jose, The Los Cabos Humane Society, Feeding Los Cabos Kids, and The Cabo Senior Center.  There will be scheduled field trips to fork over help to these charitable organizations.  Each trip costs $10 per person which will be used for transportation, and any remainder will be donated directly to that organization.

To register for the convention and sign up for parallel activities go to:  The weekly activities are posted on this page, and you need to register for them. There are quite a few, and some are free, some are by donation, and some cost money.  There are a limited number of tickets for each activity, so register as early as you can.

The convention begins on February 11, Saturday afternoon, with a welcome party at the Caboholic store near Cabo Cantina on the main drag in Cabo San Lucas, and on Sunday there is a meet and greet at the Giggling Marlin.  Examples of some of the activities include Caboholic Snorkel Party Cruise on the boat the Cabo Escape, Caboholic Cantina Crawl, Caboholic Party  a pontoon boat called The Island, Caboholic benefit dinner at Bajo La Luna restaurant, and the final event is the Caboholic Pool Party at Cabo Villas.

     The Caboholics hold this convention to show their support to the area and encourage others to visit so that businesses and non-profit organizations will all prosper.  They do it because they can and because they sincerely care.  Don’t miss out on this fun filled opportunity.  If you can’t make it this year, plan on attending in 2018. 

Symptoms Of Cabo Holism

Most people become aware there is a problem soon after their first trip to Cabo. Upon returning home, they find it difficult to concentrate on work, even when they try not to think about Cabo, thoughts and images of the good times continue to fill their mind.

You may have an overwhelming desire to post your photos you took while in Cabo. Of course, you are sidetracked by any other articles or posts from others about Cabo. Though you are Cabosick and still show up for work, you are absolutely useless for all productivity. All of your energy seems to be directed at anything regarding Cabo.

Within a week after you return from Cabo, you are already checking out the airfare and hotels available for your next trip.

You now have more friends on Facebook that you met while you were in Cabo. You feel like "old buddies" and are quick to "like" or "comment" on their posts.

You must remember, as with other addictions, the symptoms will fade, but the addiction remains. Each time you vacation in Cabo the addiction grows. The desire for your next fix is even stronger than it was after your first trip. You may find yourself flying down for a "quick last minute trip" more often than you ever thought you would.
Is there a cure?  No, there is no cure. it does help to fill in the time between each Cabo vacation fix by joining the support group at .  All Caboholics, whether they are long time addicts or have just had their first fix are welcome to the group.  Here you can share information and experiences, ask and answer questions, and post your favorite Cabo photos and be sure there are other Caboholics who truly appreciate your input.