The Cabo Country Club Is Back!

Well, to be accurate, it never went away, It was always a sleeper

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club has, arguably, the best name for marketing of any golf course/residence in southern Baja. Who wouldn’t want to strut around with that on their windbreaker at their country club back home? Again arguably, the most wowie course here has a name nobody ever heard of and that Americans can’t even pronounce. (Quivira). Who would care to strut in that windbreaker?

But the Country Club has had a lot of very lean years under the mismanagement of the Riesdorf family. Little money was reinvested in the facility during their ownership and every year several holes were washed out to sea in a rush of fast moving mud. It was not possible to get title to many of the home sites that were sold, due to irregularities in, well, just about everything at the property. 

That’s all history now, as new, more professional owners have taken over the golf course that is only a mile out of the town of Cabo San Lucas. The new owners also own the residential acreage. The timeshare end of it was not acquired, and that’s still such a mess that some timeshare owners are walking away from their investment. (Contrary to what timeshare grinders will tell you, it will barely be a blip on your credit if you do that, and most timeshare companies don’t even bother to report you anyway).

Megaturismo Group from Culiacan on the mainland is the new owner, and they are incorporated here as Cabocondo. This is not their first rodeo, these people know what they’re doing and they have the capital to make it happen. The integrity of the Pete Dye designed course is respected and is in good repair.  

And, they are still not finished investing, as they have recently broken ground on a 36,000 square foot, multistory clubhouse with a gym, spa, pool, ballroom and oh yes, large bar and restaurant. 

So far they have reworked a couple of the holes, freeing up space for commercial development near the highway, they have vastly improved the food and beverage selection and quality, and, drum roll here, they have erected a $5 million retaining wall to keep the seasonal rains from washing out those couple of holes each year. That won’t happen again, and in fact the new wall even stood up to Hurricane Odile.

Another innovation from this innovative company is their new program the members are calling drinking and driving. The name does convey the excitement behind the nightly program.

Cabocondo has installed lights on the driving range. On very tall poles. The lights make the entire scene kind of eerie but definitely very pretty. Then they toss tables and chairs on the grass near where the golfers tee up. Some are even comfy Adirondack chairs. And, they serve drinks and food tableside. Drinking and driving, get it? This is open 8 pm to 11 pm every night but Sunday and it’s a hoot. The Country Club also provides loaner clubs, and instruction. This is an excellent way for non-golfers to see if they like the game and it’s a good opportunity for us all to spend an evening outside the usual bars and restaurants. The food is good, the company is good, and the setting is very, very pretty. And if you’re not about to get within 20 feet of a golf club, (honestly, a good quality set doesn’t bite,) you can eat on the outdoor deck above the clubhouse and watch the action on the driving range below.

And finally, let’s talk about the master planned residential community on the grounds of the Cabo San Lucas Country Club:

All the permits are in place, and title to the land is now clear, so after many years of sparse development, building and sales are surging ahead. The home lots are unusually large, so you have plenty of privacy, the underbrush has grown up over our heads, which is unusual around here. Again, plenty of privacy. Fresh water is coming from the city at 5.25 gallons per second. (The course is watered with reclaimed water). The utilities are being buried underground. (electric, telephone and Internet). Some of the infrastructure is in place, and some will be installed in other parts after the first phase is fully built out. What is for sale now has everything needed installed.

In addition to the lots for houses, there are five story buildings of condos, and smaller condo buildings, too. You can build your home or Cabocondo will build it for you. This is a large, sprawling property, so the new owners are selling off some of the land to other developers interested in building various types of homes for sale. If you’re a developer, rush out there, there are a few of those parcels left.

After more than 25 years, this property is born again, but configured in generous sizes as was the custom when land was cheap here. That would be the only way a golf course development this close in to town and this large would be selling so inexpensively today.

Call Alfonso Terrazas at 624 143 4022 or Marty Boldin at 624 143 4653. Prices start at just at around $200,000 and financing is available.