Buying A New Home?

Get that all important home inspection

Just because your lender doesn’t require a home inspection in Mexico doesn’t mean it’s not a smart investment. If anything, it’s even more important to get one of those items in buying a home in Mexico.

A home inspection is a pretty comprehensive, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. Most of the time, inspections are for the sale of that home.

Home inspections are usually conducted by a home inspector who has the training and government certifications to perform such inspections, and usually these men are contractors or former contractors. It takes a lot of knowledge of multiple systems of a house.

A good home inspection should include any mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing and essentials agreed upon before the inspection by both the client and the inspector.

Home inspections will give you an overall idea of the condition of the home, but remember not all problems will show up on the date of the inspection. Material defects go as far as the structure of the home, anything that will impact the sale of the home, or become a hazard to people on the property.

A home inspector is trained to identify trouble or symptoms of problems and offer solutions, make recommendations, or suggest a specialist if it’s serious enough.

The main points for an inspector to cover go from roof to basement, drainage, sewage, ventilation, air conditioning, etcetera. Pools and pests may require a special contingency in your contract.

Inspections are important for both sellers and buyers, but mostly for buyers. When you ask for a home inspection, as a seller, you should follow your inspector closely and ask as many questions as you can, after all, he will see things that you probably haven’t or have trained your eye to overlook. It’s especially good for seeing your property from the eyes of a very critical third party, as in your buyer. This will help you price the home realistically, get repairs done ahead of time, reduce liability, and there will be no way the buyer later tells you something about your home that you didn’t know about, avoiding awkward conversations.

How to prepare for an inspection: Lock up your pets, make sure all your clothes are stored away and will not be in the way of the inspector, all doors must be unlocked, and all the flaws should be visible meaning the inspector should be able to get to them, as they will not move furniture or personal belongings.

Expect to pay up to about $300, it will take him several hours, he will come out with flashlights, screwdrivers, and ladders. In the real world you get a booklet listing all the systems of the house and if they are in good repair, and if not, how bad is the damage and what needs to be done. This is generated from software subscribed to by the member of the home inspection ass. Your guy pretty much fills in the blanks from his notes.

So now you know. Don’t come sniveling to us if you find out a week after you close that the termites are holding hands to keep your house from crashing down. And that your seller swept up the telltale termite poop 10 minutes before you came to inspect the house in your amateur white gloves.