Book Report

Foder's Travel . Los Cabos with Todas Santos, La Paz & Valle de Guadalupe. 2015

Foder's Travel . Los Cabos with Todas Santos, La Paz & Valle de Guadalupe. 2015, Foder's Travel publishers, by Marlise Kast-Myers and Chris Sands. 252 p.p. $19.90.

Did you know that in Huichol art, raindrops are depicted by tiny snakes that are said to enrich fields and gardens? Do you even know who the Huichol are, and where you can purchase their unique art?

Coming to the Baja, I had no idea, and I like to think I’m not the only dummy.  Are you traveling to Baja and would you like current information on what to see, where it is, and how to get there? Are you curious about the culture and history of Baja, its vast empty deserts, and about the early days of a little fishing village that became one of Mexico's most famous vacation destinations? This little travel book contains all the necessary information, and much more. For me, reading it was more entertaining than skimming through the usual travel book. It also has been said that describing Cabo is describing living the good life, la Vida Buena!

Eugene Foder (1905-1991) , the source of the pretty famous Foder travel books, was an unusual man who began his career as an interpreter on a French cruise ship, while writing a travel book about the Continent. During World War II, he joined the U.S. Army, and worked in OSS. When the war was finally over, he continued working as an agent, while also authoring a series of travel books. A very interesting man.

Read page seven of the guide first. It is a short read that explains how to make best use of this book, and understanding its format and symbols. Foder's Guide has many maps and colored photos, information about Los Cabos, Todas Santos, and other small villages along the Pacific coast, as well as La Paz. It doesn't travel north far enough on the east coast to mention my village of Loreto, which was a disappointment, but the focus of this guide is really on a most famous tourist destination: Los Cabo, the Corridor, and San Jose. Descriptions of a multitude of attractions, experiences, possible itineraries, activities available that are especially planned for kids, and sections on the best beaches

The parts with the most changes and widest range of prices are of course, accommodations and places to eat, and both are listed here with one, two or three $ symbols to give you information on the costs of staying and of dining out. There are also pages of budget bites, street fast food booths and taco stands. Shops and spas are covered, and we also learn items that you cannot leave Baja with; items made from tortoise shells or sea turtles.

Shopping is an important hobby for many of us, and the section on a Gallery Walk in San Jose can help you find everything from clothing to local crafts and art, glass blowing houses, silver and gold jewelry, and even a section on the Huichal art that is so unique. This section includes some history of the Huichals, their beliefs and traditions, and how to read their symbols.

There is a photo of Cabo's unique land's end rock formations on the cover, and more inside, including a photo of El Arco, the arch, Cabo's famous symbol of the long finger of our earth that was torn from mainland Mexico by volcanic activity some thirty million years ago, creating the peninsula we call Baja.

Of course we find a large section on nightlife in Cabo, from happy hour through last call. The guide covers all aspects, from planning, to what to wear and what each place costs, to what's currently going on, and safety. This section describes rock clubs, dance clubs, and sunset cruises.

The book aptly describes the culture of Baja as well as giving inside information about places and people. It is so much more than a travel book, and helps the reader best utilize their time and money to focus on their own interests and hobbies. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading, and wish I had found it earlier. But now, I have a multitude of exploring possibilities for my next trip down to Cabo

I end this report and description of the Baja I love, "...where the desert meets the sea!"   The book, Foder's Travel Guide to Los Cabos, is available at El Caballo Blanco book store in Loreto where the main drag meets the sea. exploring!  ,