Ask a Mexican

Do you think life is easier here in Baja than in other states in Mexico?

1.      Juan Ignacio Torres, 38 years old. Sales rep.

Yes, I think life is easier and better in Baja, because we have all the money from the tourists and they want to spend it on our land. I was born in central Mexico and you see poor people everywhere, that means life is hard. We also have our bums here and there but not as many as in other places. Also, living in Baja is easier because there is more businesses and more opportunities to do something for a living.

2.       David Sanchez, 24 years old. Store clerk.

No, I think this is one of the most expensive states there is. I don’t only think, statistics say so too; rent is so expensive, and food and utilities as well! And since there is not much farming like in central Mexico, produce is more expensive, which makes everything else more expensive too. That impacts your whole life. It is a really big chain of events that influences everything.

3.      Juan Vicente Diaz, 43 years old. Driver.

What do you mean by easier? I think the difficulty of living anywhere depends on the person and the state. I think it’s easy to live here if you like the beach, the ocean and the sand. But I imagine that if someone hated heat, it wouldn’t be easy living here. If we talk about money, I think it’s up to your own efforts to decide if it’s easy to live here, because when you work hard and do the things you are supposed to do to make enough money, you can live like you want to or deserve to.

4.      Daniela Garcia, 22 years old. Cashier.

I think Baja is just as easy as any other tourist state. Because our incomes depend mostly on other people and tourists wanting to come here. When I was little, I grew up in the northeast part of Mexico and I think life is harder there; It’s so insecure and so scary to think that you can be in danger all the time, or how people are so mean over there. I think locals are really nice people, they always say hello or good day even if they don’t know you because they are so used to tourists, and you never know if it’s someone you could regret being mean to.

5.      Mirna Campos, 33 years old. Teacher.

No, I think it is harder here. People have this idea that Baja inhabitants can eat for free because they go fishing, or live in palapas enjoying the breeze and sleep on hammocks. But real life here is just like any other city, you have a real job, responsibilities and everything. It’s not the 70’s anymore, and not everyone has a panga to go out into the ocean and fish your dinner every day. Maybe the only thing easier is the beautiful views and natural resources.

6.      Amanda Ulloa, 57 years old. Housewife.

I think life is as easy as you want it to be, if you smile and work and enjoy then you can have an easy life anywhere in the world. Obviously we all need a roof over our heads and food on the table, but we don’t need all the fancy stuff people live for. having the nicest car or the nicest house doesn’t matter if you are unhappy deep down in your soul, but the ocean makes everything better. Vacationing is the only easier thing because you don’t have to go anywhere, we have everything right here and we can enjoy it almost for free.