Ask a Mexican

What do you think about the gas deregulation that led to overnight price hikes of 15% to 20%? Do you think it's necessary or not? Do you believe the government needs the money?

1. Paula Gomez, 26, recent university graduate.

I think Mexico is stepping into a huge crisis, and as the government keeps doing things like this with us letting them, soon we will fall like Venezuela and there will be extreme hunger around the whole country. I do not think it’s necessary as Mexico has good petroleum production. The problem is there are not enough refineries to make gasoline. It is mismanaged by the stealing government we are under. And no, the government does not need the money. They have enough with over half of our income in taxes.

2. Esteban Lopez, 22, office assistant.

I think we had it coming, with President Pena Nieto pulling all the crazy stunts he has during his rule, I don’t understand how we didn’t see it coming. I do however, think it is necessary, maybe this way we will choose bicycles over cars more often. This gas thing is just mismanaged by the government. Gasoline should be a private enterprise like it is in the USA. If it works for them, it should work for us. I don’t think the government needs the money, that’s where they buy their weekend homes from.

3. Raul Juarez, 20, small league coach.

II believe it's utter nonsense that the Mexican government decided to deregulate gas prices since it doesn't have a national product to set the standard for a price per liter. The government does indeed need the money but budget cuts and corruption money alone could help heal public finances way better than just to expect the deregulation of gasoline sales alone will help.

4. Jose Zamora, 55, lawyer.

I think it is expected that they deregulated the gas prices, as our government is run by monkeys, but there should be some sort of standard globally. Our government does not need the money specially with all the corruption and taxes we pay. This is just the tip of what’s coming. Everyday basic food prices will go up and salaries will remain the same. One of these days Mexico will burn down in flames.

5. Luis Andrade, 46, security guard.

This is a consequence of the petroleum industry, it is necessary because we are behind in hydrocarbon technology, but if our country invested in such research, we could all have plenty of oil, it is a bad case of resource mismanagement, and the government will need to stabilize those funds to make the economy work.

6. Rafael martinez, 39, administrator.

 As far as I know this happened because the government stopped subsidizing gas, since it was privatized. It was not necessary because either way, I don’t think that money will benefit us as citizens, like always.