Ask a Mexican

What do you need to improve your life?

1. Inés Cortés Rodriguez 56 years old, crafts vendor.

I like my life a lot, I can’t say I wish I had a house or a piece of ground, I enjoy living like I do. I like living in Baja, the way people act here, it’s not like other cities that are too busy and people don’t look after each other to cross the street, or say good morning. It’s a very touristic place, in the mainland people don’t have consideration for others and the locals here are much warmer. I am from Oaxaca, we are all farmers in my family, we suffer a lot with climate changes; it’s a very humid and hot place, walking on the beach here and cooling off makes my life better, even though I don’t know how to swim. The only thing I would change in my life is to have a formal job with benefits and taxes to pay, but I wouldn’t like to have my own business. Here in Baja you can make a pretty good living off of tips.

2. David Jimenez 19 years old, student.

You got me really thinking, I wish it was that easy to know how to improve my life, I’d be doing it right now. I don’t need a lot because I was taught to be happy with what I have and I am grateful for my life.  I think more money, less work hours with better pay doing easy jobs. I don’t know if I want to get married or not but maybe even a house of my own. Where I can do whatever I want and have a say about what goes on. I think maybe having my own business someday might improve my life but I know it will be stressful.

3.      Gloria Lozano 20 years old, works and goes to school.

I think finishing my studies would make my life better, I am in school studying nutrition but Baja is a very tough place to practice my career. Also having a better relationship with my family, family is the core of everything. I would like to leave Baja though, to a bigger and better city. I have never liked it much here, my career cannot be fulfilled here, it’s too touristy, and the locals don’t really care about their nutrition. The Baja is a very competitive place for what I want to do, it wouldn’t be such a hit here as it would be in a place like Guadalajara or Puebla, where there are more locals than tourists.

4. Carlos Enrique Ortega 27 years old, shop keeper.

I think making more money, making the economy better would make my life better. Also, finding a good woman, there’s no good women anymore; someone who is respectful, who loves me just the way I am, who can cook, and take care of our children (housekeeping not required, there’s washing machines and vacuums now). To get ahead in life with work, because with work comes money, and with money you can buy a house, a car, and whatever you want. I think about work first and then everything else.

5. Cristina Rodríguez 21 years old. Mini market checker.

I guess finishing my high school first, and then I want to study criminology and become someone in life. Also, the government has screwed us all up. I think that is the start for anyone to have a better life, because we all live where there is government. I don’t care about finding a husband or buying a house or a car, I think that to have a better life you just need to smart up and start living for yourself and doing whatever it takes to live a better life.

6.      José Alberto Urias 22 years old, car washer.

I would need a nice car, a nice wife who won’t give me a hard time if I smoke a cigarette or drink a beer, who doesn’t nag me all the time and that works for herself. I would like to finish my high school because I quit six months before I graduated but I am not sure if I would like to go to university. I would like to live in Baja my whole life, I like it here. I like my life here.