Ask a Mexican

What do you think of Mexico’s future?

1. Bulmaro Mendez Juarez. Living in Baja for 22 years. Sells souvenirs. Well, our future is in the hands of the politicians. If only they could see the real needs of the Mexican people. Unfortunately, almost all the politicians just look at their own needs. I believe that our future is going to be very difficult.

2. Eric Cisnero. Living in Baja for nine years. Sells souvenirs. I do think that yes, we are going to have a good future in our country. There are more schools, and our education is better, and that means that ignorance will disappear. Learning is the most important matter for the future of any country, and this is a good investment in our future.

3. Jesus Martinez (Chuchin). Living in Baja for 34 years. Sells souvenirs. We really do not have any future. The people who are in the government are just looking out for their own benefit. They do not care about the real Mexican people. We all did not vote for this new government. They are lying if they say that. So unfortunately, I do not see the future with hope for a happy ending.

4. Luis Enrique Arellano. Living in Baja for 26 years. Boatman. Uncertain with our new president. Nevertheless, we are leaders in Latin America. We live better than in other countries. We have a better economy. Today the banks are giving help, lending money to the people who have fewer resources.

5. Hugo Garcia Tagle. Living in Baja for 30 years. Sales agent. We the people are not in agreement with Mexico opening our oil fields to foreign exploitation. Citizens are collecting signatures to ask the government to abandon this matter. It is not any political party that is promoting this document; the people are regular citizens. We have to wait until these reforms do not create conflict.

So, no, we do not have a brilliant future, but like true Mexicans, we have the capacity to cleverly elude all the conflicts and always find ways to get out of them.

6. Issac Tagle. Living in Baja for 29 years. Promoter of tourism. The news from the presidential desk to all of us said that the Mexican economy will be reestablished and will give us a better way to live. But, the way I see it, this is a utopian promise. I can clearly see that all this is going to affect the ecology and the roots of all us Mexican people. More specifically, all the energy reforms (opening the oil industry to foreign companies), are a barbaric way to sacrifice our beautiful country.