Another New Developement Kicks Off

Tramonti, new offering by those fun-loving people who brought you Quivira

There have been a lot of screamin’ real estate deals out on the Pacific side, at Pueblo Bonito/Quivira, that have sold very well. Now, that same development combo of people has broken ground on a new project, this one up, up the hill on El Tezal, overlooking the arch.

Named Tramonti, this development is brought to us be architect Mario Maldonado and his firm, Gran Vision Design. His vision for Tramonti was a unique blend of styles, which they’re calling “Italian California Hacienda Architectural Fusion.” If the name doesn’t instantly conjure up any images for you, think lots of tile and stone, wooden accents and clean lines. Sounds like a plate of food to us.

The development consists of seven luxury residential buildings with varying garden and ocean views. We all know what garden view means, it means cheaper and no view at all. Did anyone come here to look at a patch of plants? No! We came to look at the ocean. Dig deep and see if you can afford that view, because from Tramonti it is spectacular.

These gems range in size from 1,400 square feet all the way up to 2,200 square feet. The floor plans of the one, two, and three bedroom units are open and free flowing, and are designed to maximize open space, with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and windows inside and open design hallways and stairs, and ocean view terraces on the outside. Unless you cheapied out and have a garden view terrace.

The design also allows for each unit to take maximum advantage of the panoramic view of the arch, the whales, and anything else that’s floating in the Sea of Cortez. We attended the grand opening party and looking down at the twinkling lights below, it was magical. You can’t get a better view for $260,000 for two bedrooms.

The Tramonti website pretty much promises that its owners will enjoy the good life and as far as we can tell, the good life includes a plethora of other amenities - seriously, they’re really piling them on. There will be 24 hour live security (as opposed to the dead kind). There will be a club house, an infinity pool, a park, BBQ areas, a gym, event areas, a Jacuzzi and an emergency deli in case your cupboards are bare and you just aren’t up for the trip down the hill.

Even the outdoor space is full of amenities. There will be a garden park area that runs the length of the property, offering a walking path, kids’ play area, outdoor fitness equipment stations, and an area for outdoor wellness classes. (Wellness class? Just staying off the booze is the biggest wellness challenge we’re up for, and that will make us well. What other wellness info do we need? Never mind, we don’t want to know).

The perks don’t stop there. Tramonti owners will have access to the private Medano Beach club and its free form swimming pools, beachside services and organized children’s activities, as well as yea -round access to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Quivira Golf Course, which is over on the Pacific side and which my boss swears is the best golf course in Southern Baja.

Tramonti offers financing plans, of a sort.  Buyers can finance up to 50% for up to 12 years. Payments are accepted in Mexican pesos, US dollars and Canadian dollars. A rate of 0% is offered if you can pony up the entire sale price within two years after receiving the property and one can also apply for financing for up to 12 years with a rate of 7% in US dollars, 8% in Canadian dollars and 9% in Mexican pesos. Geeze, Canadians just keep getting picked on.

If you’re interested in living the good life at Tramonti, at a great price, you can email the sales team at or call +52 (624) 131 34 03. Or drive out there; go up the road from the fourlane at Santa Carmela grocery store. It’s half a mile up on your left. They have a sales office there, but it isn’t always manned. Anyway, you can get a sense of how high up the hill you are and what a great view it is.