Amnesty Offered for Gringos Here Illegally

For others, too, but you don’t care about them, do you?

“Immigration officials are offering amnesty to an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 illegal residents, giving them the chance to gain legal status,” reports No, they are not talking about illegals in the United States. They are targeting the undocumented residents of Mexico, most of whom are here from many South American countries including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Argentina. But many illegals are squatting here from China, (go figure), and the United States of America.

For many years Americans have been crossing the border freely, even though FMMs aka visitor’s visas), were required. The Mexican government has been lax in requiring documents from those traveling from the U.S. but they are starting to require legal documents so this is a great chance to begin the process of legalization, especially for those of you who are living out your golden years here, but keep popping back and forth across the border.

This temporary amnesty program, in operation January 9, 2017 through December 18, 2017, will benefit those who entered Mexico prior to January 9, 2015. Who came up with these dates?

Applicants will have to prove their Mexican residence by either showing a lapsed temporary resident’s permit, a lease, or without physical paper documentation, have two witnesses vouch for an applicant’s residence in Mexico during the required dates.

Many of these immigrants fell out of the system when the old FM2/FM3 process was changed a few years ago and just never updated their status. Some nimrods just figured they didn’t have to go through the process at all.

Once the application has been accepted by officials, immigrants are considered temporary residents for from one to four years, and if needed, they are issued a work permit.  After that, applicants will have the opportunity to become permanent residents according to the INM, the National Immigration Department.

Last year a similar program was inaugurated and 3,300 of 4,000 applicants were approved. Fernanda Garcia Villalobos of the INM stated, “no one will be prosecuted, no matter their status, after approaching an INM office.”  Trust them, she says.

For more information, go to your nearest INM office. In Rosarito, there is an office in city hall (across the highway from McDonalds).