Amateurs Line Up To Serve The Poor

Well, actually, they serve their friends, which ultimately serves the poor

There’s a small bar in the Tesoro courtyard called Besos, which means kisses in Spanish.  This year, owners Raul and Judy held a guest bartenders night for seven Thursdays. On these nights all the tips the amateurs could sweep up went to the charity of their choice. 

Christine Berger, president and founder of the charity Tres Deseos, and Sandy Hogan were team six.  Their objective was to raise money to provide Christmas gifts for 860 children at a local school and they milked their bartending night for all it was worth. They sold sandwiches, and they raffled off donated items in addition to hustling tips by tearing up and down the bar.

 Their friends, and their friends’ friends, and people who just wandered in for a cold one, raised more than $900 for their charity, more than any other team except for the Gringo Gazette duo.

         Sandy teamed up with Christine and Tres Deseos with Christine’s Back to School program that bought uniforms for kids who could not afford them and to provide backpacks with school supplies nestled inside, for hundreds of children.

Shortly after this success, they began gathering gifts for the Christmas program.  Jim and Sandi Schoudel brought down huge suitcases loaded with clothes and toys.  Other friends donated money and toys.

Tress Desos, (Three Wishes), doesn’t just give at Christmas, there is a constant need for the children of Cabo and their families, and help is welcome at all times. No one who helps gets a salary and every cent goes to help a child.  For the cost of a meal, you can make a difference.

               Tres Deseos’ office is in Plaza Nautica in downtown Cabo,  and, if no one is there, you can push money under the door.  And if you see Christine or Sandy around, like in their front yard at Plaza Nautica in Cabo Cantina, instead of just waving, put that hand in your pocket and give them a small donation.